A new vendor report – this time from Pubmatic, says the increased global adoption of header bidding and private marketplaces (PMPs) is driving significant monetization opportunities for mobile publishers. This technology enables mobile publishers to better monetize their ad inventory and increase their CPM’s, according to the company.

The authors suggest brands are spending more on mobile video screens but that concerns over brand safety are prompting them to invest more so in private marketplaces.

In its most recent QMI analysis for Q1 2017  Pubmatic says mobile monetized impression volume from header bidding rose 12X year-over-year, faster than the growth rate for desktop header bidding impressions. In fact the research suggests that nearly a quarter of the total monetized header bidding impressions originated from a mobile device. This is an increase of seven percent on last year.

Among other insights in the report;

  •  Video opportunities are rising as more brand spend shifts to programmatic channels, with mobile providing a stable environment for growth.Despite the fact that desktop remains the main driver of programmatic video impressions, mobile platforms have proved to be a viable contender for brands’ digital video spend. Mobile screens have become mainstream for video consumption, a status that has brought about new possibilities for advertisers who strike the right video balance across the different digital screens. Mobile publishers are already benefiting from heightened mobile video consumption. But the continuation of this opportunity will only be possible with a robust ad decisioning infrastructure that enables the delivery of quality ads and content to a relevant audience.
  • Mobile private marketplaces continue to thrive. Inventory quality and brand safety remain a central focus for advertisers in 2017, with 50% of US digital marketers citing media quality (including brand safety, ad fraud and viewability) as a leading challenge of media buying. When coupled with the increasingly mobile-first consumer base, mobile private marketplaces (PMPs) are particularly well suited to address these quality concerns. Hence, demand for and investment on transactions through this channel are on a long-term upswing. Digital content providers who carefully refine their mobile PMP offer will be better prepared to address advertisers’ growing demand for good old (and relevant) human traffic and scale.

“We are at an interesting crossroads where consumers are increasingly engaging with content via mobile devices and marketers are dedicating growing portions of their ad budgets to programmatic channels,” said Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO at PubMatic. “The new wave of brand buyers is demanding quality inventory and brand safety, as evidenced by the rise in programmatic direct. ”

Findings from the Q1 2017 report show that mobile PMPs are experiencing a long-term upswing in popularity, with impression volume growing more than 68 percent year-over-year. As demand for high-quality inventory via guaranteed channels such as PMPs rises, market economics continued to drive eCPMs up 58 percent year-over-year globally in Q1 2017, providing a premium of nearly three times the mobile average.


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