Google has slapped down its enterprise analytics rivals, saying current offerings are “… too hard to use, lack sufficient collaboration capabilities, are poorly integrated, and require hard-to-find expertise,” at the same time that it is aggressively upgrading its own enterprise analytics offering with a major expansion of bundled services wrapped up under the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

Announced overnight, the Google suite includes four new products and two existing offerings (GA Premium and Adometry).

The new offerings include:

  • Google Audience Center 360 (beta) This powerful data management platform (DMP) helps marketers understand their customers and find more like them across channels, devices, and campaigns. It offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick, plus it’s open to third-party data providers, DSPs and more;
  • Google Optimize 360 (beta) This web site testing and personalisation product helps marketers deliver better experiences. Marketers can show consumers multiple variations of their site and then choose the version that works best for each audience;
  • Google Data Studio 360 (beta) A new data analysis and visualisation product that integrates data across all suite products and other data sources — turning it into beautiful, interactive reports and dashboards. Built-in real-time collaboration and sharing is based on Google Docs technology;
  • Google Tag Manager 360 Built from Google’s industry-leading tag management product, it empowers enterprise marketers to move faster and make decisions with confidence. It offers a simplified way to gather site information (all those tiny bits of code) and powerful APIs to increase data accuracy and streamline workflows.

On its Adwords blog, Google quotes research from Forrester which suggests that marketers who use analytics platforms are likely to outperform their peers in achieving revenue goals. Enterprise analytics in particular is opening up as a market, with data emerging as a key battleground and with the competitive push around delivering tools to make analysis easier and less beholder to expensive data science teams.

GA images

Several years ago, Google engineers set out to simplify marketing analytics in the same way we simplified web search with With infrastructure that allows us to handle billions and billions of daily search queries — generating answers before users even finish typing — we set out to give enterprise marketers the same utility.

The blog claims the new offering will provide marketers with  a view of the complete customer journey, help discover useful insights, enable better sharing within organisations, and deliver engaging experiences to the right people.

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