Google today announced it is making Youtube “more shoppable” with the introduction of advertisements to the video platform’s search results and home feed.

Youtube search result ads will be based on users’ search terms. Google’s example is a user searching for a video review on Puma running shoes. The ad, showing a range of Puma shoes in this example, would appear directly below the search bar and above the search results.

Source: Google.

But even a generic search for terms like running can trigger the ads, which include specific products and prices. Carousel ads will now also appear in the Youtube home feed between videos.

Google claims more than 2 billion logged in users visit Youtube each month and everyday day over a billion hours of video is watched. It also says consumers are increasingly using the platform to inform buying decisions. 

Rick Almeida, Vice President of ecommerce at Puma Group, says he wants his brand where consumers are.

“Consumers are continuing to watch more content on the YouTube platform and we want to be where they are, to reach and engage them,” Almeida said. “This new opportunity will enable Puma to extend our shopping strategy into a new property and inspire consumers.”

The two new advertising services are part of what Google calls Shopping Ads and are available to marketers using standard Shopping campaigns, provided they have opted in to Youtube on Display Network.

Nick Rettke, a YouTube Ads product manager, announced the new tools overnight in a company blog post, saying the new ads are a way of reaching consumers which are increasingly using the video platform to discover products and brands.

“Video has also become a favourite research tool for holiday shoppers,” Rettke writes.

“Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase. And more than 90 per cent of these folks say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube.”

Rettke also revealed there are more ads coming to Google Image results. Showcase Shopping Ads will now appear in image search results. “When people search for broader terms like ‘holiday party dresses’, they’ll see Showcase Shopping ads that group related products together, displaying a diverse range of offerings.”

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