GitHub today announced Mike Hanley as its new chief security officer. Hanley joins from Cisco and represents the first time the software development platform company has had a security chief.

Hanley was Cisco’s chief information security officer for less than a year after joining the IT and networking giant through its acquisition of Duo Security in 2018.

In the same year, Microsoft acquired GitHub for US$7.5 billion.

Hanley is the popular software development platform’s security chief and says he wants to progress the state of software security together with the developer community.

“Making security easy and effective for everyone is close to my heart after five years building and leading the security program at Duo Security,” Hanley wrote in a company blog post today.

“My time there solidified for me that good security and the speed of the business are not opposing concepts when met with thoughtful design and a customer-centric approach. I believe that security done well allows us to go further, faster, and more confidently than ever before.”

Hanley said GitHub has already demonstrated a commitment to improving developers’ security, including investing in passwordless authentication and removing third party tracking cookies from the site.

“It is truly a special time to be joining GitHub to lead the Security org. I’m excited to work with the team and the community to assure that GitHub continues to lead as the most trustworthy home for developers, ecosystems, and teams to come together and create.”

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