It is every Boomer’s job to make you successful, according to Chris Port, Chief Operating Officer at Dell Boomi, addressing a packed audience in Las Vegas for the Boomi World conference. Boomers, in this context, are representatives of Dell Boomi.

Port described the way Boomi is structured, with four teams that drive extensive interaction with clients. He also outlined the company’s charter, with its emphasis on optimising customer value in three ways: initially, continually and increasingly.

Beginning with the “initially” phase, Port says “We start with you saying we are the best at integration — high productivity, low code. We typically start with you at a project with a pervasive need of data and application integration.”

The goal at this stage is to define where the customer is at and to set clear metrics for successful implementation — and then to exceed those metrics.

Getting Boomi customers up the learning curve faster than they expected is important, Port explains, because once they do that they get to the next stage.

That stage is what the charter calls “continual” optimisation. Port explains that this means “Leveraging what you have, but extending it. We see about a 20 per cent increase in your usage of Boomi in the first full year. But we know that it is the tip of the iceberg.”

The rest of the proverbial iceberg is what the charter calls “increasingly” optimising value. Port emphasises that this is really the ultimate goal.

“We know the demand on you far exceeds the supply of time, energy and team members that any of you have. But that is the power of the platform.”

Port says that the various parts of Boomi — such as Hub, Exchange, Mediate, and Flow — create opportunities for economies of scale.

“Learn the platform once, leverage it across a multitude of opportunities. That is the opportunity we all have to accelerate that journey,” he said.

“It is everyone’s job at Boomi. Chris McNabb, Boomi Chief Executive, leads every town hall talking about success. It is every Boomer’s job to make you successful.”

Those Boomers are structured into four teams: Professional Services, Support, Success Assurance, and Community & Learning Management Systems.

The Professional Services team has depth and breath in Boomi, augmented by external partners. The Support team answers client support tickets, working with them on new opportunities, and driving their new ideas into Boomi.

Chris Port, COO, Dell Boomi

The Success Assurance team is the “glue” — looking at client accounts in a 360-degree way, and according to Port is a real differentiator on how Boomi services accounts.

Finally, the Community & Learning Management Systems team brings the Boomi community and support portal together with a learning management system that is open and free.

Port closed his presentation with what he called the “Boomi success equation”: product, customers and experience, all working in concert.

“Boomi is a leader in enterprise integration, with over 7500 customers — more iPaaS customers than our top three competitors combined. We have adoption. We have scale.

“This leads to our differentiator, and that is the experience — 10 billion minutes 173 million hours supporting you, servicing you, seeing how you leverage Boomi and seeing the patterns in 30 terabytes of metadata,” said Port.

Using Boomi to look at data in a disparate hybrid landscape that brings data together, leveraging analytics to drive real-life business decisions, Port says, is the Boomi success equation in action.

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