Finder has chosen AWS as its strategic cloud partner, leveraging its scalability and development tools to expand into international markets with a new mobile app.

The Australian consumer product comparison site will use the American public cloud giant’s infrastructure and services including compute, storage, analytics, and security. 

Finder already uses AWS for its mobile app, which launched in March and uses AWS’s elastic compute services to expand secure compute services based on consumer demand.

The app, which scans online listings for information on products like home loans, has been downloaded more than 122, 000 times. But Finder hopes that figure will keep growing when it launches the app in other markets next year, starting with the UK.

Finder is also using Amazon Cloudfront, a cloud-based fast content delivery network, which uses AWS global servers to reduce latency in data and page loading.

The tech giant’s infrastructure has also reduced the time for Finder to stand up local services across Europe. Finder deployed 10 times as many new projects in the last quarter than it did in the full 18 months previously using on-premises legacy infrastructure.

“Choosing AWS has enabled us to redistribute our technology crew to projects where they can make a bigger impact, and scale up in new markets faster than previously possible. By leveraging AWS, we have the flexibility to continuously reinvent how we deliver new services to our customers, and automatically scale to meet growing customer demand and changing business conditions,” said Joe Waller, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Finder. 

“Since 2017, we’ve continued to expand our relationship with AWS beyond the technology implementation, combining AWS’s extensive region-specific knowledge with our fintech experience to accelerate our global expansion.”

Andrew Boyd, Head of Digital Native Business at Amazon Web Services, Australia and New Zealand said, “Finder was born online, and it’s been an exciting journey watching them grow from an innovative startup, to Australia’s most visited comparison site, and now to a multi-national company servicing millions of people worldwide. 

“Finder’s cloud-first approach demonstrates how ambitious startups can take advantage of the expansive global AWS footprint to seize new market opportunities around the world, and we look forward to working with them to support this continued growth.” 

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