In the past quarter Facebook’s revenue grew by more than 50 per cent, outpacing fellow tech companies.

As the chart below from Statista illustrates, Facebook stood head and shoulders above tech giants such as Amazon, Alphabet (Google) and PayPal in terms of revenue growth last quarter.

Established companies like Apple and Microsoft put in a respectable performance with single digit growth.

Meanwhile at Twitter — which should still be in a high growth phase of its life — revenue growth slowed to less than 1 per cent to $717 million in its latest results.

Infographic: Facebook Leads the Tech Pack in Terms of Revenue Growth | Statista

Twitter is also struggling to attract new users to its service. Statista has been keeping track of Twitter’s user numbers; once the company had reached 300 million users, its growth slowed down significantly. Over the past two years, Twitter gained just 31 million active users.
Infographic: Competitors Leave Twitter in the Dust | Statista

And here’s how Twitter’s growth of revenue and monthly active users compare since 2012.

Infographic: Twitter Is Close to Flatlining | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista



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