When thinking about content and asset management, businesses often default to discussions about technology and platforms, says Charis Kumpula, Marketing Strategy & Performance Director at AKQA New Zealand. “What really lies at the heart of the challenges that businesses face is the proliferation of technology and platforms.”

Kumpula says that delivering a centralised solution can address many of these challenges. However, at the core of the success lies change management. “This should be founded in the experience that users have with the system, with the content and the processes.”

It is in this context that Kumpula will present episode six of Sitecore’s Content Conversations — a webinar series that brings together content experts and creators to discuss the role of content in modern marketing. 

Which-50 is a partner in the program.

When it comes to experience-driven change management, Kumpula believes it is important to understand why it is so important. 

“Experience should be at the heart of any change, whether internal or external,” she says. “Marketing technology projects such as Sitecore’s Content Hub require an inside out programme to focus on managing the change that the business and staff will undergo, and to maximise opportunities for customers and minimise risks.”

She says the content management lifecycle is both about the operational management of content and assets, as well as the creation, production, use, and measurement of content. “They should be considered together.”

During her presentation, the final in the six-part series, Kumplua will discuss:

  • Why experience matters — transforming marketing operations and as such the experience of marketers using content/asset management and the benefits
  • What experience means when we think about content hub and the user experience of the system — customer experience including personalisation and omnichannel content distribution
  • Why change management is critical to the success of marketing technology implementation projects.

“The biggest mistake that brands make with regard to content/asset management is that a system or technology will solve all problems. It won’t.”

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