Large IT players are making more moves in the cybersecurity market, but McAfee CEO Chris Young expects to see proliferation, rather than consolidation, of security vendors.  

Last month VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shared his vision for the cybersecurity market — shortly after the company announced it was buying security vendor Carbon Black — that security capabilities should be inherently provided when an application is released, rather than bolted on afterward. If correct, that approach would lead to fewer products and vendors in the cybersecurity market.  

But when asked if he expects to see greater consolidation if security becomes embedded at an IT infrastructure level, Young, the CEO of pureplay cybersecurity vendor, told Which-50 he expects it the interest from IT players will generate more opportunities. 

“It’s clear at this point that larger organisations, larger IT players are very serious about security as part of their offerings,” Young said.   

“Some are driving more of a partnership model or they’re partnering as well as offering their own security solutions. I think that’s going to create some opportunity for everybody in the marketplace.”

“But it’s clear that the big players that are out there, the big IT players, platform players are paying more attention to this and I think it is why you’re seeing some [acquisition] activity in the market.”

Young said he expects there will be further innovation in cyber and a proliferation of vendors, driven by the agility of an industry which both needs to serve its customers and while also protecting against an ever-evolving adversary. 

“One of the things that makes cyber unique is this: You have to keep up with all the changes in the IT landscape in cyber, but then you also have an adversary that’s completely random and unpredictable,” Young explained. 

“That forces a much more dynamic industry than just sort of providing baseline IT products and tools, right? Because they’re not worried about this cyber adversary. They’re just worried about, am I riding this trend? Am I delivering this innovation?”  

“We’re competing in a marketplace, but we’re also competing against the adversary, as well. So I think that’s different. I think that’s unique.”

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