Australian businesses will be able to purchase locally sourced renewable energy as a standard retail electricity contract through a new offering from retailer Mojo Power and energy tech WePower.

WePower has handed over a version of its retail electricity marketplace to Mojo Power, which expects to formally launch the offering to its small business and corporate customers “early in 2021”.

Known as Elemental, the online marketplace gives access to retail Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for clean energy producers. That direct access is a rarity in the Australian market, according to WePower which begun working with local retailers last year.

Mojo will launch Elemental under its own brand, initially offering procurement deals for the Robinvale Solar Farm project in Victoria but plans to add more suppliers.

“Mojo’s customers will be able to purchase locally sourced renewable energy as a standard retail electricity contract – a novelty in the Australian retail electricity market,” said WePower cofounder and CEO Nick Martyniuk.

“Mojo is one of the most innovative retailers in Australia, joining the global sustainability movement.”

WePower has previously only launched a version of Elemental in Austria and says it is in various stages of development with several other retailers around the world.

According to the company, the marketplace applies the familiar online shopping experience to energy agreement purchases, allowing retailers to select individual facilities, their consumption, add additional “green credits”, and set the term of the contract.

Retailers can upload their own portfolio of renewable PPAs or procure PPA strips from WePower’s Wholesale Marketplace.

Mojo’s Managing Director Warren Murphy said: “We’re excited to offer corporate clients in Australia easy access to direct energy procurement. Mojo is eliminating the dependence on the complicated energy procurement procedures and enabling companies of all sizes to buy local green energy with full transparency easily”.

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