Writing and emerging technology were the fastest growing freelance jobs last year, according to leading freelance marketplace Freelancer.com. Data from the platform’s two million job postings also suggests the outsourcing of software and app development has begun to slide.

According to the company, online content was king in 2018 with demand for jobs in writing, design, and animation growing compared to 2017. Building a place to show it off was also important with web development and framework jobs also rising.

Emerging technology skills were also in high demand. API and blockchain were the second and third fastest growing categories on the outsourcing platform.

Freelancer.com users can offer and bid for jobs in anything from logo design to aerospace engineering, according to the company which claims to have over 31 million users and 15 million job and contest postings to date.

The top 10 fastest moving jobs of 2018, according to Freelancer.com, are:

  1. Writing
  2. API
  3. Blockchain
  4. Academic writing
  5. 2D animation
  6. Social media management
  7. Blog writing
  8. Express JS
  9. Shopify templates
  10. Drawing

However there is much less hype around the most common skills the platform is used to access.

The top 10 job types on Freelancer.com in Australia for the past 12 months to January 2019 were:

1. Data entry
2. Excel
3. Proofreading
4. Article Writing
5. Graphic Design
6. Editing
7. Data Processing
8. Photoshop
9. Article Re-writing
10. Microsoft Office

Emerging outsourcing

The slide in software development jobs (down 70 per cent) and the value of API skills (up 352 per cent) suggest fewer organisations are looking to go it alone on digital initiatives, instead looking to tap into the best technology solutions.

But many are still looking for the skills to leverage technology. The API, blockchain and machine learning categories all had significant increases in the amount of jobs posted.

Despite the cryptocurrency bubble bursting in 2018 blockchain skills were in high demand. The category rose 300 per cent on 2017 posting with 5,400 blockchain jobs on Freelancer.com.

Of the top 50 categories, the biggest downturn came for CSS preprocessors LESS, Sass and SCSS, down over 80 per cent. Other notable category falls were email developers, app developers and journalists.


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