Car subscription platform has announced drivers will now be able to subscribe to electric vehicles through its dealer partners.

The launch will allow Australians to drive hybrid and electric cars without the added costs that come with purchasing a car outright from a dealership.

With the subscription service, customers now have access to electric vehicles through a weekly payment, with registration, insurance and maintenance costs taken care of by the dealership.

The company already has dealer partners on board with electric cars available for subscribers, and the Blinker car subscription software integrated onto their websites. So customers can subscribe to electric cars either online, or by visiting their nearest dealership.

Managing Director at Blinker, Michael Higgins said electric vehicles and car subscription go hand in hand, with both rapidly gaining popularity and signalling the future of the automotive industry.

“In Australia, sales in both hybrid and electric cars have almost doubled year on year, and we’re expecting electric cars to grow to become the most in-demand vehicle category for subscription. We want to remain on the forefront of this transformational period for the car industry, so it was a natural next step for us to make electric vehicles more accessible for Australian drivers,” he said.

Electric cars have been on the rise as more people move towards a sustainable lifestyle. The adoption of electric cars removes the need for fossil fuels, using batteries for power, ultimately reducing the impact of greenhouse gases and pollution on the environment.

“As a business, we are constantly finding ways to be more responsible and offering electric cars contributes to this while also providing the perfect alternative for consumers who are passionate about sustainability. With car subscription, customers typically only cover their weekly payment and the cost of fuel but with electric vehicles there are no fuel costs to consider, making subscription an even more affordable prospect,” Higgins said.

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