What are the qualities that have helped propel Domino’s into a digital leader? According to the company’s chief digital officer, Michael Gillespie, their success came from their acceptance of failures and an iterative approach to digital transformation.

Gillespie told Which-50, “If a project hasn’t delivered its intended results, we have been able to rectify that quickly and take valuable learnings away. For us it’s about constantly adapting, being agile and never sitting still.”

This culture of fast failing and an ability to take risks is a big part of what makes Domino’s a “leading commerce retailer in our markets,” Gillespie said.

Digital strategist and transformation lead at GHD, Malcom Alder identified Domino’s as a digital transformation success story, saying, “Domino’s is unashamedly a technology leader and pioneer — a genuine poster child, if you like. Yet more importantly, the positive outcome from that strategic stance is self-evident in its results.”

Domino’s had to work for the results. According to Gillespie, the company had to “push hard to enter emerging digital spaces”, including ones that aren’t yet well traversed. It’s easy to forget the digital technology customers take for granted today required some foresight and risk-taking.

“The challenge is always keeping our fingers on the pulse and being confident to enter new spaces that are emerging before they become mainstream,” he said.

“Of course, it can always be tough being one of the first in your industry to enter a new space as there are no other proven successes, so you must forge new ground. However, we must continue to do this to remain ahead of the competition and to continue to give customers new and exciting features that keep them coming back.”

The Customer Imperative

Throughout the changes and product development, that customer focus remains a constant, Gillespie said.

“One thing that makes releasing products to market easier, is making sure we have a customer focused mindset when developing or delivering new digital services or innovations. We remove some of the risks and challenges, by developing technology to address a customer issue or challenge or for a customer’s benefit as opposed to developing technology for the sake of technology’s sake.”

In a digital economy, customer expectations are driven up by the next competitor and ultimately customers will go where they can get the best experience. Companies like dominoes have realised this and Gillespie said customer satisfaction was now how they measured success. Their digital strategy is working and they are seeing continuous growth, Gillespie said.

“Digital is continuing to become a larger part of our business which is a sign that our digital strategy and approach has been successful. As with anything in business, you can never rest on your laurels, because the digital space in the QSR industry is continuing to evolve and we need to continue to keep up with that and find new ways to benefit our customers with those technologies and innovation.”

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