Digivizer has launched its new digital analytics SaaS solution allowing anyone responsible for digital marketing to track their digital investments across multiple social and search channels.

Emma Lo Russo CEO at Digivizer told Which-50, “We’ve always served the larger corporations, brands like Microsoft, Lenovo and Optus – the big end of town. What we were increasingly being asked is for something that is easy for every business to use or for people who just wanted to know what was going on.

She said it allows any business to see their social accounts, earned media – like hashtags and mentions plus ad counts all in the one page.

“It has the ability to see any of your paid campaigns across all those channels in a single view and you’re able to make easy comparisons between what platform, what campaign or what ad is working most effectively for you.”

Lo Russo said the company has been working on this platform for the past four years and keeping it in beta mode for as long as possible to work out the kinks before promoting it.

She noted what makes this product different to other platforms like Salesforce and Adobe is its affordability as a mid-size company might not be able to deploy big platforms and get benefits from them.

“Then in those large organisations its very hard for anyone to explore because it requires such a skill of the people involved to run such a platform.

“At the other end, there are people who are trying to spend their time platform-by-platform to understand what is going on which is really time intensive and can take up to hours at a time so when you get to the end of the week or the month to do it gets very laborious.

“Where we feel we are especially in owned, earned and paid, it is quite a unique offering that we’ve got, it’s not something everyone does, certainly not available easily for anyone now and really does help those ones who don’t have a solution today.”

The product starts from US$89 a month.

How SMEs are using the product

Lo Russo said one of the major things the company’s clients love about the product is being given a real-time insight so they can see what is working and what isn’t.

The time saving aspect is another, that they have a single source to see and make decisions. To manage their budget, the fact that they can easily know at any one time where they are in their budget comparison.

“One thing coming from the analytics perspective is we’ve got clients who use the platform as a way to find content they’re using in their channel. They can easily see digitally who is talking about them that they will then be able choose visually through the product to be saying ‘I like that and A, will engage through the platform but B, using our content strategy’.”

She noted there are a few large companies using it for influencer tracking and also letting those influencers get insights into their posts.

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