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“Ads don’t work if no one pays attention to them. Duh.” Ok yeah, this is obvious. But do ads work when people actually do pay attention? It turns out this is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. Also, the answer is yes — under certain conditions. Why it’s difficult: over

Using customer data and insights to develop more tailored experiences hasn’t got any easier for marketers. In fact, what digital marketers cited as barriers to their ability to deliver y experiences in 2019 — including leveraging customer data and insights and aligning messaging to customers’ channel preference — is even

A clear majority of US marketers wanted to quit their jobs at least once in the past year, and almost eight in ten found the pandemic to be the most challenging time in the history of their careers. The figures are contained in a new survey from Sitecore, which also

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DoubleVerify has revealed it is seeking an IPO, having lodged its documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission today. The document says the company generated revenue of $243.9 million in 2020 a 34 percent increase on its  2019 result of $182.7 million. The filing also reveals that it has

  World Wildlife Fund has taken a data-led approach that enables the Not-For-Profit to improve targeting and audience segmentation to better specify individuals in the public whose values align with the cause. This data segments audiences across the company’s six priorities ranging from species protection to habitat restoration. Further reading:

Most marketers tasked with supporting — or driving — digital business cite “seamlessness” as the name of the game. We want to remove friction, make decisions easier and, in particular, keep customers on their journey with us. So we introduce features like real-time inventory tracking, e-commerce portals, automated re-ordering, or

Marketers skilled in information technology, data science, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence are in short supply according to the Institute of Data which is launching its Digital Marketing Program in respsonse to the growing demand. For eligible applicants, the Institute has also announced a limited number of Digital Economy Scholarships.

Google’s outline last week about its preferred path to what it calls a privacy-first web – basically how it views the world once it stops supporting 3rd party cookies – has drawn criticism and cynicism in some quarters, while others see it simply as confirmation of the search giant’s new

Sitecore has started spending some of that huge $1.2 billion it raised last month, announcing overnight two acquisitions focused on data management and customer experience. When it first revealed its privately raised money mountain in January (although not the sources for the loot) the company said the cash would be

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Trust but verify. But at the very least, verify, because expectations that digital advertising transparency will happen by proxy need to be much lower. That’s one of the key takeaways from a new report by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) called Transparency in the Australian Digital Supply Chain.