Digital Marketing

Online advertising is the most transparent, measurable and apparently accountable form of advertising that has ever existed and yet there is ample evidence that marketers consider it no more effective than anything that has come before. If that dichotomy seems a little hard to reconcile then figures released this week

There has been a huge shift in online consumption in Australia over the last two years with the amount of time spent on entertainment and portals withering away from over 40 per cent to only about 15 per cent of minutes viewed, and with social media emerging to fill the

New research by Forrester suggests that Kenshoo has stolen a march in the social advertising platform space. Meanwhile companies like, Marin Software and Shift and have formed a tight cluster of strong performers who are challenging for leadership in the newly emerging market. According to the study – a

Australia’s digital marketers are the most advanced in the Asia Pacific region, but the region itself is clearly split between leaders and laggards according to a new study by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. Formed around a dinner table in 2001 in the shadow of the dotcom crash

At least old newspapers have utility. Old TV sets are simply clutter. Anyone with children and an iPad instinctively understands that free-to-air television is doomed. Now here’s some more evidence explaining why. Pulling together data from IPG, Media lab and YuMe, Statista has compiled a chart of online video consumption

Video’s moment has arrived. According to analysis by eMarketer, by the end of this year advertisers will have spent $5.6B on Youtube, an increase of over 50 percent on 2012. Youtube’s growth once again demonstrates the centrality of ecosystems to successful digital business models. Of the $5.6B, Google gets to

Centering your marketing around the customer is actually all about centering your organisation around the customer. So says Paul Cross, Asia Pacific president at Responsys. “It is also about enabling the people who serve the customer to have access to the things they need to be customer focused.” Which-50 spoke

From his office in Palo Alto, California, SAP global CMO Jonathan Becher fires up his corporate dashboard and in near real time he can interrogate how each of the software giant’s hundreds of products are performing in each of the 140 countries where it operates. Perhaps more importantly when he

Companies which have developed content marketing acumen spend $12,000 less to win a customer than their less savvy peers. This was one of the key findings published in a new infographic by digital specialists Kapost which revealed a strong correlation between attention to content management and business success. Citing the

Not surprisingly though buyers are discriminating and there is significant competition for the customer’s mind share. Only eight per cent read every email they receive. Among the other findings from the study; Nearly a quarter say they are most likely to look at or read marketing content from brands on