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Digital marketing featured prominently on the pages of Which-50 as CMO’s increasingly moved into digital leadership roles within their companies. Here are the six best read digital marketing stories from the last 12 months. Outbrain doubles down on trust as its competitive advantage  By Andrew Birmingham For only the second

Most of the universe is made up of dark matter. It turns out the same is true for web traffic. Analysis by Radiumone suggests that the overwhelming majority of web traffic coming to your site from outside sources that can’t be tracked by analytics software. However separate analysis by Chartbeat

The United Kingdom in on track to become the first country in the world where digital represents the majority of advertising spending according to the latest figured released by Group M. The report called “This Year, Next Year: U.K. Media and Marketing Forecasts,” reveals measured ad spending in the U.K.

Even as marketers extend the range of channels they use and give overwhelming preference to digital marketing, attribution remains relatively unsophisticated — with barely ten per cent of companies using advanced attribution models, according to a study commissioned by Kenshoo. The study was conducted by Forrester Research, and it found

Accenture is extending its digital footprint in Australia by buying Reactive Media, one of Australia’s largest digital agencies. The goal of the acquisition is to strengthen Accenture’s digital marketing and technology services in the fast growing digital space. Local agencies are proving tasty morsels to the Big Four accounting firms,

Australia’s marketers are more confident about digital than ever before, feel their personal skills have improved considerably over the last year, and are receiving higher levels of support for their activities within their organisation. Well at least that’s true in the B2C world. B2B marketers still lag, both in terms

The majority of Australian marketers now employ content marketing strategies according to a new study by the Content Marketing Institute and the Association of Data-driven Marketing and Advertising  (ADMA) According to the research nearly half of the marketers surveyed believe that ROI measurement was an immediate and important criteria to

Australia’s third largest online media business,  REA Group – owner of – will bring its huge first party consumer data set to bear in a partnership with programmatic video provider TubeMogul, that is designed to help brands better target video advertising to the site’s millions of consumers. The digital

Right place, right time, but in reality you make your own luck. So it is for programmatic video platform TubeMogul which finds itself riding the wave at exactly the right moment. The company’s Q3 revenues grew YOY 112 per cent, leading it to upgrade its guidance for the next quarter.

Seventy-four percent of technology companies have achieved something “breakthrough,” “revolutionary,” or “world class,” and 49% are leaders of their category. Hard to believe, yes, but that’s what they tell us. I recently examined all the press releases from MarketWired’s industry feeds for Computers & Software; Telecommunications; and Electronics & Semiconductors