Digital Marketing

Here’s the good news for social media marketers: Facebook’s click-through rates are rising, its costs per click is falling, and it is delivering strong revenue referrals all year. But the bad news is that you really can have too much of a good thing. Its success as a channel is

The Commonwealth Bank (@CommBank) is generally regarded as the most advanced internet banker in Australia — but that perception of leadership doesn’t necessarily carry through to the social stream. While the CBA currently has the largest following on Twitter among Australia’s big four banks, at current rates it will be

The portents are strong for digital marketers. Budgets are continuing to shift aggressively into the measurable medium — driven presently by investments in predictive analytics, and in the future most likely by content profiling and personalisation. At least according to a new paper from Sitecore. Called “Why marketers have learnt

Brands and their agencies are sending publishers a very clear message. Three-quarters of agencies and advertisers surveyed recently by the IAB in Australia said publishers who lack a strong mobile offering or presence risk becoming less relevant to advertisers. Despite this, there is still a sense from the data that

The marketing game used to be so simple. Brands had money, a message, and a product to sell. Publishers had audiences. Many long lunches ensued, and nobody could quite agree which 50 per cent of the budget was being wasted. The development of sophisticated digital marketing platforms in recent years

Predictive media optimisation outfit Kenshoo has raised $US20 million in an apparently tightening money market, securing a valuation of between $US400 and $US500 million dollars. That’s a hefty increase on its valuation of $US300 just 18 months ago when it raised $US12 million. The raising was lead by Bain, which

Another of those perennial digital evolution questions is taking shape. It’s the longstanding “content is king” chestnut. It might also be termed: “Whose information highway is this, anyway?” Outside of journalism, people might have not have noticed the steady creep of some institutions into what is loosely defined as the

The increasing sophistication of platforms, the natural development of digital capabilities over time and the evolution of the marketing function are all feeding into an important shift in CMO priorities. Engagement is now as important as acquisition.  Engagement is becoming a critical watchword and innovation is now the order of

The most effective digital marketing organizations excel around the three P’s of digital marketing maturity – people, process and product – according to Adobe. And the very best of these companies outperform their average peers by 50 per cent. According to John Mellor Adobe SVP business development and strategy, Adobe

From CRM to the internet-of-customers, Salesforce is trying to win friends and influence people. There’s no doubt about it, has definitely been reading Dale Carnegie. Over the past few years the company has evolved from cloud-based sales tracker to a leading thinker on customer behavior, big data analytics and