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A recent study commissioned by Oracle Marketing Cloud and conducted by ExchangeWire Research has revealed a plethora of interesting sound bites and statistics around the current DMP market. The report makes for interesting reading and is worth a look here but to make things easy, here’s an abridged version (with a little opinion

Monday September 28, 2015As anyone who ever watched Mad Men knows, the 50s saw the real birth of modern advertising. Back then, the rise of the post-war middle class drove a desire for new products. Advertising was essentially a utility. It was there to tell you about new things you

A global study of programmatic advertising technology reveals that more than 90 per cent of media agencies surveyed using use the technology, significantly in advance of advertising agencies (67 per cent). Only a minority of brands say they use the approach, but at 47 per cent the topping point is

A quarter of CMOs in the UK say they spend the majority of their time managing technology and almost a third want to develop their role into that of chief marketing technology officer according to a study by DataXu. The report of the research called, “The New marketer: How Data

While everyone is harping on about how brands need to do some ‘real-time marketing’ a report coming from market research company TNS Global has said the term is too narrow, which is why marketers are struggling to actually do the marketing tactic. Many big calendar events are the ones that

Appointment: Integral Ad Science taps James Diamond as ANZ managing director New York based advertising intelligence outfit Integral Ad Science appointed James Diamond as Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, while opening its Sydney office at the same time. Diamond (pictured) will be responsible for managing the company’s market

Facebook rules. For now everyone else is pretending Koala eating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently kills his own meat. He is not a man to be trifled with. Perhaps that explains why Facebook is playing a different game to everyone else – a fact that is reflected in the numbers.

Facebook: from shot duck to mobile miracle to ‘New China’ in just one week The week started with a debate over a Princeton study which predicted Facebook’s demise within a few years. (We’ll post our take on that study later this week.) It ended with the revelation that the Social

More than a third of companies will commit 75 per cent of their marketing budgets to digital by 2019 Analytics, digital budgets and mobility will be the areas of greatest disruption and change for marketers over the next five years, according to a report by Accenture. The global study —

Little evidence sophisticated attribution models are being deployed, despite a plethora of digital data Even as marketers extend the range of channels they use and give overwhelming preference to digital marketing, attribution remains relatively unsophisticated — with barely ten per cent of companies using advanced attribution models, according to a