Digital Marketing

Organisations with funded, well-run content marketing programs are starting to look very different to those without, according to the latest report ‘Content marketing in Australia: 2014 benchmarks, budgets and trends 2014’. The most effective channels for content marketing are eNewsletters, events and research reports are considered the most effective tactics,

The cost of simplicity is often systems complexity. Creating a seamless experience for customers across channels and throughout the life cycle of the relationship comes at the cost of often difficult systems integration, as many companies have found in recent years. Cloud computing holds out the promise of reduced complexity

There is so much to do. Digital transformation reaches into all aspects of the organisation. What began in marketing almost 20 years ago as a channel experience has now broken out into the open. The problem is that many companies are still struggling with how they should prioritise their digital

Amway, the world’s leading multi-level marketing company has embraced a digital approach to its marketing in response to a dramatic change in the profile and behavior of its audience. By setting up a digital bookstore it has been able to significantly reduce operating costs by cutting back on its print

Forrester Research this week hit out at Facebook claiming the company was ill serving its clients through poor social ad targeting and limited creative opportunities. As we reported at the time, Forrester also said the marketing executives it surveyed ranked Facebook last for business value out of thirteen different channels

Nobody clicks on ads right? Wrong. And if anything the shift to mobility combined with the emergence of video are actually driving up user engagement and with it the effectiveness of digital advertising. According to research by Unruly, ”Online video viewers are almost three times more likely to click through to

Get ready for the huge shift to mobile advertising, from $13 billion this year to $40 billion by 2018. The move will be driven by increased utilization of analytics platforms, allied to the introduction of innovative ad formats and purchasing mechanisms, according to Juniper Research. In its report, (which costs

Marketing departments are accelerating the implementation of their digital marketing technology platforms, but many still prefer to buy point solutions and build up. However, the most successful and leading companies are taking a holistic view of the ecosystem. That’s our key takeout from a recent interview with Charlie Wood, Salesforce

Oracle this week acquired cloud based content marketing company Compendium in the latest move by the digital marketing technology leaders to hoover up key applications in an increasingly expensive industry land grab. “Compendium’s data-driven approach aligns relevant content with customer data and profiles to help companies more effectively attract prospects,

Google+ may have a billion registered users but it also has a big problem – its turns out forcing people to join your service does not necessarily translate into the kinds of commercial outcomes that put money in the bank. Now, while it may have a lot of money in