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As customers engage with different advertising channels, marketers have been searching for innovative ways to identity them and market to them in a more personal way. One challenge has been around the friction involved in obtaining a customer’s personal information and permission to contact them. If the ask is not

As part of its creative conference Max in Los Angeles, Adobe always has an evening session — Sneaks — where you can grab a beer and watch demos of some of the developments from its labs in beta, which may or may not be added to its Creative Cloud. This

Today IAB/Nielsen shared the first official release of industry­ supported mobile ratings for Australia, covering our use of smartphones and tablets. Here’s why it’s a big moment for the industry, and an important first step towards filling the industry’s measurement gap. The results showed how Australians are accessing the internet

Adblockers have been much in the new lately, especially as the last few years has seen downloads growing along an almost vertical trendline.  But is may not be just advertising and cookie crushing that is motivating consumers. As the chart below from business intelligence site Statista demonstrates (using data collected

WHICH 50 : Ad industry may gripe about adblockers, but they broke the contract – not us The latest version of Apple’s operating system for phones and tablets, iOS9, allows the installation of adblocking software that removes advertising, analytics and tracking within Apple’s Safari browser. While Apple’s smartphone market share is only around

WHICH 50 : Stores are the new black: L2 Study Retailers are discovering that every aspect of their digital experience – site, mobile, app, email – must have an in-store component, according to new research by digital marketing bench marking outfit L2. The study called Intelligence : Omnichannel Retail study which

For the third time in four years Facebook is trying to marry “friends” to location. Its 2012 effort suffered from its proximity to the Girls Around me fiasco.  It tried again in 2014 with Friends Nearby. And now its trying again with Nearby Friends. If you turn on Nearby Friends,

WHICH 50 : Strong global growth in retargeting across the Facebook : AdRoll Advertisers around the world increased their spend on retargeting across Facebook by 31 per cent according to an analysis of data from the AdRoll Network. And that retargeting paid significant benefits according to the authors of the

Australia’s marketers are regional champions across a broad range of measures when it comes to digital execution, according to the 2014 CMO Council digital dashboard released last month. But a skill gap remains. Importantly, that success is built on strong engagement from the C-suite —  demonstrating, perhaps for the first

Advertising represents 90 per cent of Google’s $USD 66 billion in annual revenue. What makes this figure especially astounding is the suggestion that the vast majority of web advertising may never actually be seen by end users, and if it is, is largely ineffective. Google, Facebook, and other online advertising companies, are less worried about