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For the first time Australian advertisers will be able to use a programmatic video-buying platform to acquire outdoor advertising inventory in Australia. TubeMogul today announced a partnership with Site Tour, an ad exchange for out-of-home media, that will enable clients of TubeMogul’s platform to buy ads on thousands of billboards,

  Whether your team is big or small, dispersed or actively working out of one location, everyone can benefit from this one tip: Get to know your content comrades. This is one of the tips for content marketers explored in detail in Modern Marketing Essentials: Content Marketing,  which was released

  The marketer of the 1990s is worlds away from the marketer of today. While everyone is quick to blame social media and the necessity for immediacy, a new white paper by Sitecore points to a number of other factors besides social media which have seen marketing flipped on its

When switching from last-click to multi-touch attribution, the revenue credited to Facebook and display advertising on average increased by 830 per cent while at the same time the revenue credited to paid search (SEM) and organic search (SEO) remained fairly constant or decreased slightly. Search is the most common customer

Surviving a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness, or even a zombie apocalypse, is probably a leading indicator of your chances of making it through the world of digital disruption. Survival instinct, it transpires, is a key performance indicator. That’s our key take away from an analysis of the thousands

  Content marketing is the most direct way to relay your value proposition to your audiences, as content supports engagement with your brand. It does this by employing a storytelling-based approach that people can relate to as a brand narrative. The goal is to leverage the engagement to breed loyalty

If you thought Flappy Birds was frustrating, how about this: one in five dollars spent on in-app advertising is never seen by human eyes. Given that US advertisers alone spent $US3.6 billion in-app last year, it’s a fair bet the total value of wasted marketing budget exceeds a billion dollars

  Content marketing supports awareness and demand generation by establishing digital, value-based relationships that give marketers a way to excite and empower existing customers. It also enhances sales enablement by offering information to those who need it. Whether you’re using an advanced metrics tool or basic analytics, there are fundamental

  Despite all the advantages digital technologies have brought to modern marketers, for too many companies, the customer experience remains broken with many customers still subjected to a fragmented or non-integrated experience across all channels. This is an issue explored in detail in a Modern Marketing Essentials Guide on Cross

Social media ad spending surged 33 per cent globally last year and the growth continues. Brands are on track to spend $23.68 billion this year, according to figures from eMarketer. By 2017, the researchers say that figure will further balloon to almost $36 billion and represent 16 per cent of