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The future for brands and their agencies will see the Chief Marketing Officers handling the brand experience rather than waiting for the agency to figure it out, making it harder for service providers to deliver a functional “one-stop shop” for clients. At least, that’s the view of the latest Forrester

CRM was once little more than a database of client interactions that a sales rep kept on their hard drive in various stages of decay. Full of cryptic notes and out-dated contacts, it was the epitome of the term GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). Today, CRM is at the core of

Do you to respond to your friends by phone, but ignore them in the street? Reply to emails, but ignore their texts? This clever insight from The Drum neatly encapsulates the problem cross-channel automation looks to solve for marketers coming to terms with life in a multi-channel world. Life used to be so easy for marketers.

TubeMogul’s latest analysis of its data on the Australian programmatic video market reveals an increase in  activity across all key ad formats in Australia and New Zealand. The report covers the period for the three months to the end of September, and tracks programmatic video and brand advertising volumes and pricing data.

There is arguably no more divisive debate in Adland at present than the one around ad-blocking software. The ‘pros’ argue it’s inevitable anyway and most people hate/don’t pay attention to online banner ads, while the ‘cons’ say web sites dependent on ad revenues and not paid subscriptions won’t survive as

When Dominos Pizza wanted to move away from its one size fits all couponing strategy, the chain analysed data from more than 10,000 locations and tied sales to redemptions at the individual shopper level. The result? The pizza chain began issuing personalised coupons for its customers’ favourite pizzas. While being

It is rare that the anticipated outcome of a new technology matches with the reality and yet the improvements delivered by data management platforms (DMP) to both buyers and sellers alike likely explain the rapid acceptance and adoption of these solutions. That is certainly the clear message from a new

Get ready to splurge, Australia. An analysis by Adobe of over one trillion retail web site transactions over the last seven years, along with 350 million stock keeping units (SKUs) suggests seven billion dollars will be spent online downunder this holiday season. Adobe has a solid track record making these

mobile apps

Australian marketers might like to keep a sharp eye on mobile advertising trends in the US right now. This year it is estimated the mobile ad spending will constitute a majority of the digital ad spend after a strong, nearly 60 percent growth over the last 12 months. With Australia

Teradata’s decision to withdraw from the marketing tech race, after building the business for several years has surprised market analysts. The question is whether this will presage a rush for the exit for some of the second tier marketing cloud vendors, or whether it is simply unique to the company’s