Digital Marketing

Sitecore today announced it has acquired a majority stake in Komfo, a Danish social media marketing and community engagement application provider. It is the second time Sitecore has written a cheque for Komfo, having taken a minority holding in the business in August 2012. At the time, Sitecore’s CEO and founder

  Smart marketers are learning to decode online behaviour by engaging with potential customers early in the buying process to gain competitive advantage. The trick is to be able to read the clues accurately and early — to be able to understand consumers’ digital body language. In simple terms, digital

Choose your own flavour — “Chief Marketing Technologist”; “Global Head of Marketing Technology”; “Business Information Officer for Global Marketing” — but whichever ego-inflating path you determine, they all arrive at the same point:  IT point person for the CMO, setting a technology vision for marketing. In 2012, Gartner famously predicted

Events companies are finding gold at the end of the social media rainbow. And Twitter has emerged as the most lucrative channel. According to an analysis of its events marketplace, platform provider Eventbrite has released data quantifying the monetary value and impact social media is having on the revenue of

For only the second time in its history, content-discovery outfit Outbrain has announced a major overhaul of its editorial policy. The company is doubling down on its strategy to build a premium brand based on trusted content, by tightening guidelines around what can be promoted via its network of partner

Consumers are demonstrating a willingness to engage with mobile advertising to such an extent that mobile clicks have now almost drawn level with PC-based advertising clicks. And when the lens focuses on sales, Android is delivering more bucks that iOS. These are two of the headline findings of the Criteo

Media and tourism dominate Australia’s Facebook experience — and it’s mostly media. Over the last six months radio had the most-engaged fans in Australia, television shows had the most fans, and news and magazines experienced the fastest fan growth. The data is drawn from Social Pulse’s Facebook Performance Report which covers

We like to think of smart mobility as the great transformative idea of the moment — and that is not an unfair assessment. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that mobile’s killer app is gaming. Likewise Twitter — for all the weighty discourse of its impact on society

Well, nobody said it would be easy. Chief Marketing Officers say their ability deliver to a truly integrated omni-channel experience for consumers is going backwards. And, having rushed into analytics at the behest of the baying of consultants, they now report increasing levels of disappointment with their data science alchemists.

Australian outfit Cadreon — the programmatic trading desk of IPG Mediabrands Australia — introduced the world’s first “programmatic direct” video management platform using TubeMogul’s technology in 2013. That platform accounts for almost half of Cadreon’s entire video spend. The deal was said to be one of the largest programmatic direct