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Cloud-based ecommerce company Shopify has integrated with retargeting provider AdRoll in a deal that allows brands to retarget customers across devices from within the Shopify platform. The partnership offers Shopify’s thousands of small business clients a solution to one of their biggest inefficiencies: shopping cart abandonment. Studies suggest that 70

Ad viewability is a topic we’ve had to deal with great sensitivity when discussing with clients. As an industry we’re very comfortable revealing a problem when we have an antidote up our sleeve ready to solve it. With viewability however we have a challenge that’s been well documented by the

  We’ve all been talking about how important mobile is, and here’s the research to prove it. The Adobe Digital Index Best of the Best Benchmark 2015 compares the overall average versus the top 20% websites as rated on six key performance indicators across eight regions and is a must

Rather than fear them, Adland should embrace ad blocking technology says Mike Hill and Dan Hitchcock in this combined opinion piece. Hill and Hitchcock – both from Sydney digital agency Holler – argue that (bad) banner ads have become so annoying that the technology’s inevitable. Last week we reported that global usage of ad-blockers

Wow. Media intelligence firm Isentia has announced it has acquired content marketing company King Content for a deal reported to be $48 million. The acquisition further diversifies Isentia’s services across owned and earned media in one of the fastest growing segments of the communications and marketing industries. King Content is

Content marketing and amplification outfit Outbrain has agreed to provide advanced access to its technology to media and comms agency OMD  in a move that strengthens the latter’s content marketing position. There are also warning signs for publishers in such relationships. There are also warning signs for publishers in deals

To understand just how complicated the buying and selling of digital advertising inventory can be, consider this comparison of ad tech to Wall Street by Michael Driscoll, CEO of Metamarkets. The ad tech world processes about 400 billion transaction-like events everyday compared to the New York Stock Exchange six billion trades.

  Programmatic ad buying and selling has expanded at a truly dizzying pace. Perhaps the only thing to explode faster has been the adoption of acronyms and jargon to describe the processes and tools used in its practice. Fear not! the Arms Traders Alamanc  – a joint initiative of Which-50,

Marketing technology is running red hot and benefiting from the most important trend underpinning the global transformation of business via digital technologies – the rise of consumer power. Which-50 has partnered with B&T and ADMA to dive deeply into emergence of the sector.  We start our investigation with marketing automation.

  Adobe’s stunning strike on Omniture, Saleforce’s huge bid for Exact Target and Oracle’s Christmas Eve grab for Responsys. These are the deals that caught the headlines in the marketing automation world, but there were many more.  September 2009: Adobe acquires Omniture: It is hard to describe how inspired this