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Australian media businesses will be cast into an increasingly difficult fight for advertising spend as the dollars keep heading overseas, according to Morgan Stanley. As more money shifts into digital budgets, that pool is dominated by companies like Google and Facebook which arguably already capture a majority of the digital spend. It

As display advertising engagement weakens and content marketing growth expands, brands and publishers are using increasingly sophisticated tools to build consumer engagement. While the neuroscience approach has been frowned upon due to a lack of scale and scientific accuracy, the analysis of facial emotional response seems to offer a new

Google blocked more than 780 million ads carrying malware, promoting fake goods, or designed to scam or trick people. That’s an increase of nearly 50 per cent on the previous year’s result. The battle to maintain the integrity of it inventory requires a significiant investment by the search engine giant which

Kenshoo today released its new Infinity Tag which it says helps marketers better understand the role their digital campaigns played in customer transactions.  and importantly assign attribution. The tag itself is an upgraded conversion pixel designed to help marketers optimize their digital marketing campaigns . Infinity Tag elevates campaign performance by

Marketing cloud provider Adobe had released what it is describing as new shoppable media advancements which it says enhance the in-store digital experience and offer consumers even more personalisation. According to the company’s recent State of Content report,  images and videos used across online channels and in-store have a powerful

Agile marketing offers to mitigate the growing and damaging pressures that Australian marketing departments increasingly confront. Big brands are changing the way they talk with their customers, but it’s a brave marketing director who can say with certainty that their way is the right way. It’s a sobering prediction that

Being consistent in creating and distributing content is a cornerstone of successful content marketing. It’s something we have talked about for a long time, often expressed in phrases like “content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint” – but even so it continues to be a problem for a lot

Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and Marketo alone feature in the leadership group in the latest Gartner Marketing Hub Magic Quadrant research. The result is consistent with the widely held view in the sector that the runaway marketing tech industry is set to consolidate around a few key platform leaders. And for many

Omnichannel strategies — the many critical moments when customers interact with the organisation’s channels and its offerings — are a source of ongoing frustration for most retailers who are busy trying to  keep pace with their competition. But the narrow focus on maximising satisfaction on those touch-points has diverted attention from a more important

Search advertising spending in Asia Pacific continues to experience robust growth according to Kenshoo’s analysis. Indeed Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) is now the fastest growing region for search advertising in the world, according to the Kenshoo study of its customer data. The data, described in the Search Advertising Trends