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More than a third of companies will commit 75 per cent of their marketing budgets to digital by 2019 Analytics, digital budgets and mobility will be the areas of greatest disruption and change for marketers over the next five years, according to a report by Accenture. The global study —

Facebook: from shot duck to mobile miracle to ‘New China’ in just one week The week started with a debate over a Princeton study which predicted Facebook’s demise within a few years. (We’ll post our take on that study later this week.) It ended with the revelation that the Social

Google processes some 100 billion search queries worldwide every month; that’s around 40,000 every second. These queries lead more visitors to content-rich websites than any other form of marketing. Given the staggering importance of search, it is essential for CMOs to understand how search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine

Agencies of all sorts have been quick to jump on the increased appetite of clients to include influencers as part of their campaigns. This free-for-all, which has really come to a head over the last 12 months, is producing some really interesting methodologies of best and not-so-best practice. What’s interesting

An Israeli ad blocking company Shine has taken out a full-page ad in New York’s Financial Times newspaper claiming customers are paying for ads to be displayed on mobile devices and that mobile ads soak up to as much as half of their monthly data allowance. The ad states mobile

The rapid pace of innovation is proving to be the biggest challenge for both marketing and ad tech providers and the brands they serve according to visiting Kenshoo marketing chief Steven Hartman, Kenshoo, VP, Global Marketing. According to Hartman who was in Australia this week for a series of panel discussion

Ask yourself a simple question. What kind of human being “owns” another human being? The very concept is so objectionable wars have quite literally been fought over it.   Yet, as digital transaction volumes grow and with ever more stakeholders typically involved from first engagement to completion, we increasingly hear

  The transparency of search as an advertising channel is appealing to marketers as it makes it relatively easy to forecast acquisition outcomes and to measure ROI. And, finance managers love the apparent certainty of it when it comes time to approve budgets. That’s why search is often the first

The rage over ad blocking continues, with Phil Ely, Lowe Profero’s Asia-Pacific Head of Communications going head-to-head with Rocket Fuel’s ANZ Managing Director, JJ Eastwood. Sydney digital agency Holler recently argued that the industry should embrace ad blocking technology (and gave reasons why), prompting the head of the IAB in

Sometimes you have to kick the hornets’ nest. Our report into ad blocking, subsequently picked up by leading local ad title B&T (which has run with the issue further since then) has inflamed a debate at the top levels of the advertising industry world wide. The CEO of the Interactive