Digital Marketing

Usually when things go wrong with corporate social media experiments, it’s a disaster for the company. They grab mindshare all right. They corner the attention economy. They win the whole damned Internet, but only because the Internet is laughing at them. Sometimes, though, you can still get it right even

Digital transformation represents the third great wave of business disruption, following on from the big changes delivered by front- and back-office systems over the last two decades. That’s the key message from the keynote of Brad Rencher, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing Business Unit at Adobe Systems at the

Every marketer has the potential (and responsibility) to be a digital commerce marketer. Research says so. Just take a look at Gartner’s 2015-2016 CMO Spend Survey and the surge in marketing spending on digital commerce. “But what if my company doesn’t sell online?” Great question. Selling online or offline, selling

Measurement company comscore and marketing cloud provider Adobe will integrate some of each other’s data sets into their respective platforms. The deal was announced today at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. According to Jeremy Helfand, Vice President, Adobe Primetime, “This partnership will enable smarter buying and selling of advertising and establish the

Adobe has used the opening of its Summit in Las Vegas to announce a significant upgrade to the analytics offering in its marketing cloud. It has also announced an initiative to help link 1.2 billion devices, allowing for better measurement of cross-channel consumer behaviour. The catch: it has to convince brands

Australian marketers are increasingly shifting their ad spend to people based marketing according to research released by Signal. People based marketing  is a discipline that targets ads at real people rather than using cookies across devices and channels. Those ads that pop up in our Facebook feed are a good example.

As consumer content consumption and expectations of mobile devices continue to accelerate faster than the ability for brands to address, the question now is not whether brands need a mobile presence but how brands create one that delivers tangible value, according to Adobe. Melina Gouveia reports. When Optus acquired the

Machine learning is ablaze just now, and marketers are noticing that many of the companies and applications at the leading edge are aimed squarely at the heart of their trade. Google’s DeepMind may be grabbing headlines for winning at Go, but it’s in areas like market research, personalisation and recommendations

Engagement marketing is the future, according to Phil Fernandez, founder and CEO of  Marketo. Fernandez was in town this week and spoke at an event in Sydney on Thursday morning. “Traditional advertising does not work anymore,” he said. “People are tuning us out.” Mass marketing is dead, he said, or at

A study has revealed that the pool of viewable inventory in Australia has remained steady at 42 per cent, despite a concerted effort by the industry to improve viewability. For ads placed with publishers directly, the result is slightly better at 45 per cent. Still, this is a long way behind