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A crime wave swept over Australia last night as millions of pirates swarmed around Foxtel to download the Game of Thrones season premiere illegally. Securing their gold medal status as the world’s most enthusiastic thieves of intellectual property, local Throners hit BitTorrent more than a million times to grab a

One of the most interesting aspects the evolution of email marketing concerns the practice of deliverability and how it has changed over time. The changes in metrics and the extent to which ISPs have led the charge to improve their own customers’ experiences are of critical importance to modern marketers.

Personalising marketing based on customer data such as channel preference and purchase history fundamentally drives higher email engagement, according to a marketing guide just released by Oracle Marketing Cloud. Called Email Deliverability [LINK]– a guide for modern marketers, the white paper dives deeply into email marketing best practice. According to

The structure of paid social and search campaigns is just as important as the structure of a house. Without good bones, the house will collapse, as will the campaigns if not structured and optimised efficiently. Here’s a glimpse into the structure of Kenshoo’s paid social and search campaigns along with tips and

A clear cross-device strategy is more important than ever. While there are increasingly more smartphone users and tablet owners, most digital consumers are not necessarily planning on replacing one type of device with another. Rather, they are using multiple access points to get online. On average, 67 per cent of

Adblocking is finding a receptive audience down under. In a very serious wake up call for Australia’s traditional and digital media companies who still rely heavily on display, a global survey by Accenture has found that Australian consumers have some of the most intensely negative views towards digital advertising and its impact

The travel sector faces challenges every year with increasing competition and fluctuating market trends. Marketers need to be on top of their game to drive consistent performance despite a volatile market — remaining nimble enough to handle any challenge or opportunity in their path The recent Kenshoo research paper called

There are two questions which dominate our discussions with clients and potential clients of social media monitoring. The first is about geofiltering Twitter, and the second is about what data they can monitor from Facebook. The answer to the latter is clearer than the answer to the former, yet often

The travel industry has unmistakably evolved over the last decade due to the development of the web and impact of digital marketing, with many people acting as their own travel agent. The web makes it convenient to research, compare deals, and book your own travel, especially while on the go

One of the two* most common questions we encounter with clients and prospective clients is about Facebook. Specifically, what data is actually available for searching and monitoring, and from whom? That’s because all social media monitoring platforms have revealed, perhaps reluctantly, that useful specific data which was previously available has