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When DoubleClick launched its self-service advertising network, it was a revelation. It provided marketers with a powerful sense of control over their advertising, its placement and spend. At the same time, it caused a level of disintermediation, with marketers taking on the media planning that was once the domain of

Telstra has acquired Silicon Valley-based Ooyala a video streaming and analytics business for US$270 million. It already owned 23 per cent of the company. According to Telstra CEO, David Thodey, “Ooyala enables broadcasters, operators and media organisations to deliver digital TV and video content, across any device to mass audiences,

There is a reason why Google captures close to 50 per cent of the digital advertising spend in Australia – search works. And the reason it works is that buyers signal their intent through the queries they type into the bar. For much of the last decade display advertising has

Digital advertising in the Asia Pacific region will grow by almost 50 per cent over the next five years, with the top three spenders — China, Japan and Australia — maintaining their relative standing at the top of the league tables, says eMarketer. In Australia, spending will increase from $US4.5

Salmat Digital has formed a phone-to-web tracking partnership with predictive media optimisation technology outfit Kenshoo. The aim is to help retailers and service companies more effectively tie their digital advertising to their call centre activity. According to Daniel Benton, Salmat Digital General Manager, Search,  retailers are missing as much as

  Do you ever wonder where your data goes, once it is posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other usual social suspects? Do consumers know which big marketers out there sucking up every thought, movement and status update they post in their never-ending quest to jam up the

Around the world, marketing leaders in companies with strong digital marketing outcomes earn more than their peers — as do those who report directly to their CEOs, according to global research by the CMO Council in its upcoming compensation report. The study also demonstrates that good peer relationships provide an advantage,

  Today Which-50 and KINSHIP digital launch the latest in our regular series of social media reports: The Monday Retweet report. Each Monday we take the pulse of the Australian Twittersphere and reveal the most retweeted links in the country over the last seven days (Saturday to Friday). The last

Near enough is not good enough — which is why in marketing, a simple pass is often regarded as a fail. That’s because unless your customers are sufficiently engaged to actually recommend your products, it’s a fair bet they are probably recommending somebody else’s. Hence the growing popularity of net

Kenshoo research has identified significant increases in spending on search and social advertising in Q2 2014: search advertising is up 25 per cent and social advertising is up 51 per cent year-over-year (YoY) across its client base. The company has over 6000 clients who spend over $US2.5B. According to Ruud