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Human beings love tools. And as marketers we like a tool as much as the next professional. Of course, we need martech to make the magic happen. We believe it — furthermore, we are trained to believe it by the market. With so many technologies racing to solve marketing’s every

Almost $3 billion a year in digital media advertising expenditure is wasted, according to an analysis by independent digital media agency Next&Co which says it arrived at the figure using its new media auditing tool. The company has built the proprietary media auditing tool, which it calls Prometheus, and says

Research commissioned by data connectivity platform LiveRamp shows that advertisers using its Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) can achieve an ROI of 343 per cent. The platform uses pseudonymised identifiers with the purpose of connecting marketers with people rather than cookies. The company claims that this helps organisations to spend their

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  As consumers demand visibility, transparency and consent as to who has the rights to their data, distrust towards brands and how they are using customer data has increased. In Australia, the Privacy Act is currently under review which should bring about heavier data privacy regulations, Google will be removing

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CMOs often think of martech almost as if they were buying a new car. They expect their technology to perform perfectly as soon as they have it, “fresh off the lot.” Unfortunately, your car (or martech) salesperson isn’t asking you how good of a driver you are before you sign

Mark Zuckerberg has grown very wealthy on the strength of the advertising platform he has built, which enables advertisers to hock their wares with pinpoint precision at the eyeballs most likely to belong to customers. Facebook’s ad-targeting technology is indeed a very impressive achievement — but apparently Facebook doesn’t want

We’ve gone from a world with digital to a digital-first world, and there is no going back, according to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. He was speaking at this year’s Adobe Summit, still an almost entirely digital event — except in Australia, where the company held an all-day briefing for media

Integral Ad Science (IAS) recently released a report highlighting a notable increase in brand risk since the pandemic-led switch to remote work. IAS defines brand risk as “Impressions on pages that are flagged for posing various levels of harm to brand image and/or reputation through association.” These associations include adult

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Apple will shortly flick the “go” switch on iOS 14.5, ushering in a dramatic reduction in the number of iOS devices sharing valuable data with advertisers. Users are increasingly privacy-conscious these days — a trend Apple has recognised and shifted to take advantage. The change is a long-anticipated update that

“Ads don’t work if no one pays attention to them. Duh.” Ok yeah, this is obvious. But do ads work when people actually do pay attention? It turns out this is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. Also, the answer is yes — under certain conditions. Why it’s difficult: over