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Ad fraud and invalid traffic are two of the biggest and most costly problems plaguing digital advertisers. Yet two San Francisco researchers say they encountered significant resistance from brands and agencies to the idea of addressing the problem when they took a new solution to market.  For all the promises

Adtech company, AppNexus, has announced results of its partnership with Microsoft to monetise the company’s video inventory using the AppNexus SSP. According to AppNexus, in the first quarter of 2018, Microsoft increased its video revenue on instream video inventory from AppNexus by 201 per cent and experienced a 29 per

Marketers have a wealth of personalised data available to them to better target their messages to consumers. But those same marketers do themselves a disservice if they do not drill beneath the headline claims of service providers to understand fully the quality of the data. Take demographic data as an

Out-of-home advertising company JCDecaux has announced a partnership with Seedooh, an independent technology platform providing complete and standardised reporting in the out-of-home industry, to deliver advertisers with campaign reporting and greater transparency. Under the agreement, Seedooh’s reporting and verification platform will be integrated into JCDecaux’s system to create an independent

Facebook has begun rolling out changes to ensure GDPR compliance. The social media giant said the changes would initially affect European users but would eventually be adopted globally. European users will see different details in the data policies, in line with GDPR requirements, but Facebook insists the “substance” of its

How customers buy and own technology is becoming more dynamic and less traditional. From demand generation to sales strategy and channel management, the next five years will bring significant changes to established technology service providers’ (TSP) go-to-market strategies. Disruption is occurring within technology markets and in many of the large

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Simple will use infrastructure and platform technologies from Microsoft to further develop its Marketing Resource Management software. The Australian company has announced it will build its marketing ops tools atop the Microsoft Business Applications Platform. Simple’s Intelligent Marketing Platform will combine the functionality of PowerApps, Dynamics 365 for Marketing and

Australian mobile advertising start-up Unlockd is set for a showdown with Google, after the search giant threatened to ban its apps from the Google Play Store. The adtech company released a statement yesterday confirming that it has applied for an injunction with the UK High Court to prevent Google from

After 16 months of development oOh!Media is ramping up the number internal users on its new trading platform over the next few weeks. The out of home advertising company built the platform in-house to allow its sales staff to sell its digital assets faster and with more flexibility. Ooh!Media now

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” – Ancient Chinese Riddle While this rather philosophical thought experiment deals with the question of observation and perception, it involuntarily draws parallels to one of the most significant tactical challenge of