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In a recent AdExchanger Talks podcast, Nate Woodman of IponWeb surfaced the specter of what we might call the brand-gorithm: a proprietary algorithm unique to a brand and used to make decisions such as how much to bid on an impression or what message to serve. Sign up for Which-50’s

Marketers say measuring return on investment is at the top of their agenda, but almost four out of five admit they are not doing it successfully. It is one more headache for a profession that is expected to have robust commercial as well as creative skills. A new eBook from


This week, Sears reported that it has “substantial doubt” about its ability to stay in business unless it can borrow more and tap cash from more of its assets. The retailer has been a bricks-and-mortar cautionary tale for so many years, you can be excused if you thought this was old news.

Shantanu Narayen speaking at Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas

Adobe’s is perhaps one of the most successful yet least-discussed business transformation stories in the world since the start of the commercial Internet. And that’s a shame, because it holds a clear message of success —  and clear replicable lessons for global incumbents in an age of disruption. Consumers love disruption until

Adobe’s release of its advertising cloud will accelerate the conflation of advertising and marketing technology which has been accelerating already for several years. Martech providers like Oracle, Salesforce and Marketo will have to respond. Meanwhile companies like AdRoll, are driving the merger from the Adtech perspective. And beyond these technology companies, Google and

Adobe Summit 2017

Adobe’s annual summit kicks off in 30 minutes, where the company will reveal its Adobe Experience Cloud to over 12000 delegates. It is also expected to outline a deeper relationship with Microsoft as well, and outline further upgrades to its other cloud offerings. The headline from the event however is

While technology has been making more devices “smart”, and we carry phones with all sorts of sensors, these haven’t yet been systematically applied to advertising’s central problem – engagement. The blockchain, however, will make advertising much smarter. Traditional advertising – think of posters on bus stops and TV commercials –

Marketing operations platform Aprimo has acquired Belgium-based Adam Software, a digital asset management (DAM) software vendor. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter ADAM will integrate directly into Aprimo’s platform to provide a solution capable of handling both the production and publication of

All that investment in loyalty programs (and in the technology underpinning it) may just have been a very bad idea, according to new research by McKinsey and Company. According to the management consultants, digital technologies have transformed the customer journey so radically that you are probably more likely to get

The folks at Facebook will be talking about what it calls ‘people-based advertising’ a lot as the social media giant goes about pocketing more digital advertising dollars. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter People-based advertising, tracking an anonymous individual versus a cookie, has a big impact on what attribution figures