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While many marketers are enamoured with the advantages of martech, it is worth remembering the activity should always be optimised. After all, marketing technology is only as good as the data feeding it, and customers’ behaviour is constantly providing new data. Deliver the very best customer experience with seamless marketing

Every hour of every day a million little crimes are committed online. And every time it happens, hundreds of legitimate businesses all over the world, with boards and shareholders and mission statements — some of them publicly listed — put the proceeds of those crimes in their own pockets. They

Tucked away in the far recesses of the Salesforce Connections 2018 conference was a lonely stand manned by a very technical buy shy sales consultant. The consultant eagerly dusted off and walked me through a well-polished presentation. The goal of the presentation was to demonstrate the flexibility of Salesforce DMP

Marketing leaders have a wide array of metrics to gauge marketing effectiveness. But more metrics don’t necessarily mean better insights into marketing performance. Marketing leaders need to let go of ‘feel-good’ metrics, like click-through rates or traffic, and instead embrace metrics that link marketing activity to business outcomes. The concepts

Ad safety company Pixalate has uncovered what it says is a ‘sophisticated’ mobile app fraud potentially costing advertisers up to $75 million a year if allowed to run unchecked. The company says it discovered that Android app MegaCast — which allows users to broadcast content to Google’s Chromecast — was

Ad fraud is at an all-time high and remains one of the most profitable criminal enterprises in the world, generating tens of billions of dollars a year. That’s the view of Dr Augustine Fou, cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher who this morning released a Slideshare presentation on LinkedIn describing the state of

Pegasystems, the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises,  announced Self-Optimizing Campaigns – a new Pega Marketing capability that reduces marketers’ dependence on traditional segment-based campaigns and transitions them towards real-time, one-to-one engagements. Using its powerful AI, Pega personalizes offers and treatments on the fly for each

For marketing technologists – and for the brands they serve, integration will be a critical success factor in the future, so it is little wonder that integration is a key theme at this year’s inaugural Salesforce Connections conference in Chicago. Salesforce’s acquisition of API vendor Mulesoft earlier this year was a

Brands need to do more than just listen to what their customers are saying about them. They need to be able to absorb the messages and respond in an engaging and meaningful way, says Caitlin Green, new CEO of KINSHIP digital. “It is important to understand the relationship you have

According to the latest Customer Experience in Marketing Survey 2017: Greater Expectations, Greater Challenges, in two years 82 per cent of B2B CMOs expect to mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX, compared with 76 per cent for B2C marketers. Meaning that competing on price and product or