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Jonah Peretti

Google didn’t become an online advertising powerhouse by bolting on banner ads. It sold what it was good at: search. Similarly, digital publishers pinning their hopes on online ad revenue should play to their strengths, argues BuzzFeed Founder and CEO Jonah Peretti. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into

Content amplification specialist Taboola has launched a continuous-scrolling feed service for publishers, that lets users scroll infinitely after reading an article through information which — its algorithms suggest — matches the reader’s interests. The content can include in-feed videos, products, app downloads, and more. Put this is your feed: The release comes

The Australian marketing and advertising world remains sharply divided over viewability and still cannot even agree on the basics of definition, despite global standards on the issue being clear. With Google and Facebook pretty much writing their own rules, it might look a bit like the rounding errors fighting over

Progress, but a long way from victory. That’s the bottom line of a new study by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and White Ops into the war against bot fraud — essentially, bot-driven ad fraud. Advertising fraud is a huge issue. Within a decade, online ad fraud could be the world’s second-largest

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Brands that cede too much authority to their agencies in the programmatic world risk missing out on some big opportunities, and can also sacrifice transparency. That’s the view of Lenovo’s Head of Digital and Social in the Asia Pacific, Danielle Uskovic (pictured below). She told Which-50, “When I started talking

Martech landscape 2017

Every year, the LUMAscapes proliferate; every year, Scott Brinker’s marketing technology landscape grows denser. Now featuring more than 5,000 companies (up from around 3,500 last year), you practically need superpowers just to read Scott’s supergraphic. With martech, it’s an embarrassment of riches. Yes … but (there’s always a “yes … but,” right?).

Global cosmetics brand Nude by Nature has run a detailed A/B test to finally determine the real impact of retargeted advertising on its sales. “Attribution modeling gives you an idea of retargeted display’s role in the path to purchase. But many of those sales may have occurred without the retargeting,


When it comes to customer experience businesses think they are doing a better job than they really are in part because they lack qualitative customer data. That’s the view of Kylan Lundeen, CMO of Utah-based software company Qualtrics, who cited research that 80 per cent of CEOs believe they are

Damian Young Chobani

You shouldn’t use an agency for something your business does 52 weeks a year. That’s according to Damian Young, general manager — marketing at Chobani in Australia, who has overseen bringing in-house the brand’s promo team, social media and, most recently, its market research and customer feedback. Sign up for Which-50’s


Marketers tend to speak of personalisation almost exclusively in terms of advertising and messaging, however we asked Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst, Adobe Digital Insights if perhaps consumers viewed personalisation as a very different idea. Gaffney (pictured below) likes to describe the demographic cohort after millennials as the crafters (from Minecraft). They