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If you’ve read this far, then I managed to get your attention. In today’s media-saturated world, that’s no easy feat, so thank you. Like an effective headline, digital advertising is designed to gain your (very limited) attention, hold it for long enough to initiate (or continue) a conversation and then send you on

Marketing software provider Marketo has acquired ToutApp, a sales engagement software company based in San Francisco. Sign up to receive Which-50’s weekly Digital Marketing Newsletter ToutApp provides sales teams with sales campaign, content management, and analytics software to engage prospective customers in a personalised way to drive revenue growth. Founded

Before we get to the aforementioned good news allow me to go back in time, be it ever so slightly. In January of this year I scribed a post entitled 2017: The Year of the Data Driven CMO. Feel free to click to read the entire piece but until you do

Oracle is boosting its media and advertising measurement capabilities with the acquisition of Moat, a digital measurement firm. Moat will join Oracle Data Cloud, which uses data and analytics to enhance media for marketers and publishers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sign up to receive Which-50’s weekly Digital

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Despite the recent controversy around advertisers unknowingly funding neo-nazis, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings admits to having a case of “YouTube envy.” It’s not YouTube’s ad dollars Hastings is envious of (the streaming service remains solidly committed to subscription revenue) but the number of eyeballs it attracts. Netflix expects to pass

The retail sector has always been highly competitive but now evolving consumer demands and digital disruption are putting retailers under relentless pressure to stay one step ahead. With digital marketing in a constant state of flux, and considering the four foundational areas for digital maturity , what is the direct

There’s more to mobile wallets than just payments. According to new research from Forrester, the real power of mobile wallets is in generating powerful customer engagement opportunities. The report, Engage customers with mobile wallet marketing, argues the marketing potential for mobile wallets has not yet been fully uncovered. Sign up

Ecommerce and digital marketing channels have given wholesale footwear business Emu Australia a direct line to its customers. Founded in 1994, Emu Australia is primarily a wholesaler and manufacturer, its sheepskin products are sold in over 70 countries and via 5,000 retail locations. Privately-owned and headquartered in Geelong, the business

Spending on native advertising grew dramatically over the last three years, up 600 per cent according to a long-term study by Nativo. The research reveals how digital marketers in specific verticals allocated their native investments throughout recent years.  Sign up to receive Which-50’s weekly Digital Marketing Newsletter Nativo’s study examining

The importance of digital channels for business is no longer in dispute as more and more companies are finding their audiences online. For the past seven years, Adobe has conducted an annual survey to explore trends and priorities in digital marketing and understand where the market is headed. Unsurprisingly, we