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The relationship between cybersecurity and innovation is a balancing act, where teams need the freedom to create — unhindered — but still need to be cognisant of the imminent threat of cybercrime. Which-50 recently hosted a senior executive panel to interrogate the issue of translating cyber risk for boards and

  As digital transformation catapults, supply chain security risks will continue to rise.  According to Anne Petterd, Partner at Baker McKenzie, speaking at CyberArk’s recent executive panel event. “You might be introducing IoT devices to actually perhaps address a compliance issue and the moment you can’t go to your factory

  One of the key impacts of a cyber breach is damage to the brand’s reputation and a loss of trust between the consumer and the business. In CyberArk’s recent executive panel event, Samuel Stuart, Director of Digital Identity at Mastercard discusses the importance of clear messaging and communication with

North of Melbourne, in an idyllic country town, Peter Gray coordinates a team of data engineers who bring depth to one of the biggest annual sporting events on the planet: Le Tour de France. Gray is the Aussie at the centre of a data web at telecoms giant NTT, and is

Compliance, regulation

Regulators and governments are asking more from people and businesses. A growing forest of laws and regulations require employees and organisations to report suspicious activity affirmatively. In the US on 23 June, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced they had settled charges against Guggenheim Securities, LLC, for violating whistleblower

The last few months have seen issues around cyber security explode into public view with disclosures about high-profile breaches — and, in particular, ransomware. While these tracks are not new, there is two important changes. Increasingly, criminal syndicates, some with either direct or tacit state support, are attacking core economic

Avoid App Overload

The slow and inevitable shift to greater working flexibility transformed into a torrent due to COVID-19 lockdowns all over the world in 2020 as the pandemic compressed years of work-from-anywhere adoption culture down into weeks and sometimes even days. Companies who had already invested in digital transformation programs and adopting

DeliverIT provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform for takeaway and delivery restaurants around Australia, but strong demand, especially during the crucial weekend period, puts teams under pressure. By working with AC3 to optimise its AWS public cloud environment, the company was able to improve the experience for both its own customers

  Australian organisations are facing higher levels of data privacy risks and security challenges due increasing levels of personal data management. To celebrate Privacy Awareness Week (3rd to the 9th of May) this year, privacy experts from technology consulting firm Protiviti and law firm Baker McKenzie are coming together in

Threats to cybersecurity, and the risks and cost to business, will be magnified by accelerating digitalization unless organisations quickly and aggressively bring identity management under control. While digital technologies accelerate business growth and supercharge efficiency, they can also be exploited by cybercriminals and amplify the opportunity for malfeasance when identity