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Power has shifted from business to customers as digital technology lowers brand switching costs and pushes experience expectations sky high. However, few organisations are able to deliver exceptional customer experience and those that can are threatening to gobble up the market. A Forrester report, Drive Marketing And CX Convergence With Modern Technology

Access to consumer data is increasing but its use by businesses is becoming more opaque, a point underscored by a series of breaches and scandals last year. Despite the access many brands still struggle to deliver the high level experiences consumers now expect. It is a dangerous game for brands

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Customer experience-centric businesses are turning towards automation and AI to handle their customer interaction and operations. In a new report from MIT Technology Review commissioned by Genesys, Humans + Bots: Tension and Opportunity, those businesses that have applied automation early on are now reaping the greatest rewards in terms of efficiency, scale,

There is a huge opportunity to win business by applying customer experience (CX) principles — but brands must move fast. That’s the view of CX futurist and author Blake Morgan, who will be keynoting at the Magento Live Australia 2019 conference in Sydney on 12 and 13 February. Register for Magento

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The days when marketers could rely on vanity metrics to justify their ROI has long gone. Instead, studies repeatedly demonstrate that marketers are focusing on the direct financial benefit derived from their activity. This is especially the case in B2B marketing where sales and marketing professionals are being drawn ever

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Many marketers who are new to the programmatic world can fall into the trap of believing the machine will do all of their work for them. Not so. In truth, marketers still need to develop strategies to best leverage the programmatic infrastructure that they and their partners have put in

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In a generation digital marketing has evolved to become the primary way many brands run their campaigns all over the world. But none of it would be possible without the underlying technology infrastructure that has subsequently developed around programmatic advertising.  To practitioners the language of programmatic may well be second

For consumers there are now so many services that compete for their money every day. For brands, engagement is more important than ever which means every experience they provide needs to be personal, memorable and effective. This is the reason why delivering world class customer experiences across all channels and

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Disparate data systems and teams are amplifying the already considerable challenges around cross channel marketing. That is why many marketers feel their customer’s experiences are “broken”.  Many, in fact believe their organisations struggle to even accurately identify customers across channels and devices. Download Oracle Marketing Cloud eBook: Four Hard-Won Cross-Channel

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An effective cross-channel marketing regime is essential for almost all brands these days as consumers constantly flip between on and offline channels, but carry an expectation continuity throughout. In an interview published in Oracle’s eBook, Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing Claudia Townsend, assistant professor marketing at the University of Miami,