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Marketing growth and efficiency are two of the top priorities for marketers in the Asia Pacific, however, this focus on growth does not come easy. Significant impediments remain, according to the Salesforce Datorama Marketing Intelligence Report Asia Pacific published late last year. Download Datorama Asia Pacific Marketing Intelligence Report According to

With COVID-19 torpedoing many of the strategies that marketers use to engage their customers and prospects, content marketing has assumed greater importance this year than ever before. During the second half of 2020 Which-50 collaborated with Sitecore on a unique series of digital events called Content Conversations, where we examined

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Cost is often one of the earliest incentives that leads organisations to consider Cloud computing. That incentive is probably even stronger in the current economic circumstance, says Scott Taylor, an independent consultant from Thirdrock, with a long pedigree in SAP projects and stints at companies such as Deloitte and Ernst

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Companies that want to shift their on-premise applications running on VMware to the cloud can save significant costs by deploying VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS says Nathan Wheat, Head of VMware Cloud on AWS (ANZ) at Amazon Web Services. By identifying applications that aren’t materially enhanced by the shift from

Having been one of the sectors hardest hit by the chaos of COVID-19, contact centres are now grappling with what the future will look like, and how to adapt operations to ensure they not only avoid similar disruptions but thrive in the face of the next crisis. Call volumes exploded

As the COVID shutdown wreaked havoc upon business, and in particular contact centres, companies found themselves confronting three distinct phases: respond, recover, and ideally thrive. That’s the subject of an ebook published by Deloitte entitled The Contact Centre Of 2030 Can’t Wait, It’s Now… According to the authors of the

The distributed ownership of content inside an organisation can present problems for marketers. It is just as important for brands to address this issue as it is to find the best technological solution to break down the issues. According to Andrew Lomas, director and co-founder at Creative Folks “By nature

You can learn two things about a company that takes the privacy of its customers seriously, and gives them the opportunity to consent to how their data is used, says Aarron Spinley, Growth and Innovation Evangelist, SAP. “Some would say that it speaks to the company holding honorable values, and

As the COVID shutdown hit business earlier this year, it forced the rapid mass migration of contact centre agents into work-from-home arrangements. The scale of the challenge was amplified by the speed at which the shutdown happened — and the fact that at that the very same time, call volumes

A shift to VMware Cloud on AWS provides strong utility to address a variety of business issues. It allows for easier capacity planning, simpler disaster recovery, and lets you control and contain change, and ultimately improve your security posture, according to Nathan Wheat, Head of VMware Cloud on AWS (ANZ)