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The shift to sustainability is not only changing how companies manage their business, it is also changing how people invest their money. And in future, as companies seek funds from investors to expand, there will be times when they are likely to have to explain why their business is a

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The global pandemic has forced teams to work remotely and start utilising cloud-based technologies for collaboration, says Andrew Lomas, the co-founder and director at Creative Folks. “These tools may have been in-use partly to facilitate content exchange with external suppliers and agencies, but typically are not secure. The fragmentation of

Canberra’s Secure Cloud Strategy is a key element in the ongoing adoption of Cloud technology by government agencies and departments, and one of the most important tools available to government CIOs. That’s our takeaway from a qualitative survey of Federal government IT leaders, which we undertook while producing the “Perceptions

During the first webinar in the Content Conversations series we are hosting for Sitecore, a poll of audience members identified an interesting disconnection that mirrors the results of a global study called The State of Writing 2020. Register today for Content Conversations Almost two-thirds of our audience members said they

A new approach to contact centres which utilises “natural language understanding” is forcing a rethink of traditional contact centre analytics, according to a new whitepaper from Which-50 and Genesys. Traditionally, contact centres measure the number and duration of calls as a key metric, with an eye to getting more customers’

AI powered voice bots are helping untangle the increasingly complex web of channels, customers and devices that make up modern-day contact centres. The technology, which can more accurately and efficiently understand customer intent, is delivering a better experience but must come as part of a holistic technology strategy, according to

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It’s been over 25 years since the Internet became part of our lives and over 20 since people started building systems to manage content, but managing content across multiple channels and touchpoints remains problematic for many businesses, says Christian Brenner, technical director, Isobar. Over the last 20 years, Brenner has

The emergence of technologies such as AI and machine learning, along with sophisticated analytics, offers opportunities for smart manufacturers to transform their businesses radically — to create new product and service offerings while maximising the efficiency of supply chains and processes. Contemporary computing models — such as Cloud and, increasingly,

Marketers fret endlessly about content – moving it, mobilising it, measuring it, and managing it, but they seem to spend much less time discussing the content itself. Too often, in fact, content is treated as an input cost or a means to an end, rather than what it is –

While IT leaders understand the benefits of Cloud computing, there remains a lot of trepidation and misunderstanding about how it can be best used. That was the view expressed by Canberra’s IT leaders — even those who are generally supportive of Cloud computing — when the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit