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Marketers are still struggling to elevate the role they play within the organisation, according to a new whitepaper from Marketo. The report called Can You Demonstrate The Value of Marketing? revealed that many marketers find it difficult to demonstrate their contribution to revenue. In many cases marketing teams are seen

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As business has digitally transformed in recent years, data has increasingly come to the fore of the conversation. Yet the sensible application of data and analytics to improving marketing still tends to be more honoured in the breach than in the observance. The question that must be asked is, what

Marketing leaders are increasingly measured by their contribution to their company’s revenues and less on traditional campaign metrics. However, a significant number still struggle to define and validate the level of their contribution according to a new study of over 400 local marketers. The Marketo research report called  “Can You Demonstrate

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Data analytics has changed marketing in fundamental ways. It has has changed the expectations of and requirements for marketing leaders and, perhaps most importantly, made the customer the driver of much of the innovation in the market. First, it has given marketers remarkably detailed insights into the experience customers have

The Chinese tech industry is booming and one company is dominating. Tencent now holds a massive market share and even briefly passed Facebook as the world’s fifth most valuable company, with a US$529.9 billion valuation last month. The ecosystem the company’s WeChat app has developed means there’s potential for even

The power of a brand tribe in marketing comes down to the level of engagement by the tribe members. That is why marketers who believe in the positive impact of tribes on their business are drawing increasingly on engagement metrics. According to Adam Furness, RhythmOne (formerly RadiumOne), Asia Pacific Managing

The rise of data-driven decision making has coincided with a resurgence of design thinking. Both processes are now seen as critical to delivering the ideal customer experience. To further understand the area we spoke to Joe Cincotta, director of Thinking Group. Read The Future of Marketing: Edition 4 Data-Driven Marketing 

China is leading the mobile technology race thanks to pioneering technology and a generation of Chinese consumers who have known no other platform, according to AtlasTrend co-founder, Kevin Hua. “In China there’s 700 million mobile users and for many of these people it’s the first sort of internet device they’ve

Why do some customers behave like even more passionate advocates for brand than the brand itself? What do they do that sets them apart from many other consumers who might happily purchase your product or service without a second thought? And, importantly, what brings them together and holds them together

The changes autonomous cars will usher in will be profound, according to AtlasTrend co-founder Kevin Hua. It may not happen quickly, but “we are already slightly down the path” and the eventual effects of self-driving vehicles will be considerable, he told Which-50. “Change is not going to be fast. But