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Marketers, particularly those with experience in field marketing understand the effort required to have guests attend a live event. Not surprisingly some are skeptical, or at least uncertain about whether their audience will watch on-demand webinars. To appreciate the answer to this question it is necessary to recognise that webinars

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, and in recent months, in particular, digital channels and capabilities have been critical to success. Organisations need to engage all three areas of the corporate brain: customer intelligence, human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Marketers need customer intelligence not only to meet the needs of customers

Universities are facing upheaval from the societal and economic impact of the current pandemic. Many of these institutions are struggling to adapt their admissions, income, and working practices fast enough to avoid a budget crisis. However, universities in market-oriented systems can deploy technology to rapidly adjust to new market conditions.

As companies continue to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 they are learning more about themselves and their corporate resilience  says VMWare Group head of sustainability, Nicola Acutt The company shifted almost its entire 30,000 strong workforce to work from home arrangements in March, and after 10 weeks of lockdown,

When it comes to building highly engaging digital experiences, the data offers us evidence of some very consistent trends, but it is also important to take advantage of new opportunities, says Tim Johnston, Director, Demand Generation, APAC and Japan for ON24. Presenting during the second of a three-part series on

As the federal government launched the COVIDSafe app, a number of citizens still refused to download it, putting concerns over privacy above the possibility of reducing the pandemic’s numbers. It is more evidence that consumers put privacy at the core of their concerns when it comes to date While downloads

Around the world, each government’s response to the current pandemic has been different as has the effectiveness of those individual responses. The old fault lines of the developed and developing economies do not provide the easy dichotomy to parse responses as they might have in the past.   In fact, the

The current pandemic highlighted what customers really cherished – including it seems toilet paper, pasta and gallons of hand sanitiser, and it also brought about an increase in ecommerce spending.  For marketers who had obsessed over customer experience and engagement for the last few years that meant recalibrating the relationship

As marketers work from home and are siloed away from co-workers, family and friends, it is imperative they always include their own mental wellbeing as well as their colleagues.  There are any number of factors — screen fatigue, reduction in human contact, the difficulty of building and maintaining culture —

With the pandemic restrictions still in place, the majority of office workers have been sent to work from home. This disruption has added additional pressure for businesses to digitalise services. At the SAS and Which-50 webinar, The Role of the CMO at the Most Disruptive Moment, the panellists explained to