The statement ‘millennials do not trust advertisers’ is lazy and incorrect according to a number of industry professionals who spoke at the Zenith Marketing to Millennials event last week.

The panel, hosted by Zenith CEO, Nickie Scriven, featured speakers Kim Portrate, CEO of ThinkTV; Carolyn Bollaci, head of agency at Facebook; and Geraldine Van Der Merwe, head of marketing, GHD ANZ.

Portrate researched this theory and found no evidence to support it.

She said, “Millennials are more likely to notice advertisements and like advertisements than any other cohort based on the most recent studies I can find out of Ipsos and the UK.

“I say when we hear that line ‘millennials don’t trust or don’t like advertising’ that’s just lazy thinking.”

Bollaci of Facebook said she disagrees with the statement saying it is not just millennials who don’t trust advertisers — it is everyone.

(L-R) Nickie Scriven, CEO at Zenith; Kim Portrate, CEO of Think TV; Geraldine Van Der Merwe, head of marketing, GHD ANZ and Carolyn Bollaci, head of agency at Facebook

She explained, “I think everybody would agree if the message isn’t transparent, if you’re not clear about what the offering is, if you can’t understand what fees are behind what’s happening or if there is some controversy they are having in the market [they wouldn’t trust advertisers]. Fundamentally it’s really just about the basics and being as transparent as possible.”

Once that message comes through, the trust is built and the connection is made with a consumer and a brand, Bollaci added.

GHD head of marketing Van Der Merwe said it is all about the journey when it comes to advertising.

“Everything for us is about a journey and experience. It’s so important to be true from the beginning of the journey to the end and not changing what we are about and let authenticity delivers in terms of what our brand and who our brand is today.”

Throughout the discussion the panellists examined the challenges brands are facing attracting these socially conscious, digital natives whose affinity with technology has shaped how they shop, and their expectations around customer experience.

The discussion also turned to the make-up of the modern media mix, and what brands need to do to ensure their advertising and marketing efforts remain relevant and effective.

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