Deloitte plans to train 4,000 team members across Australia in cloud computing, as part of the Deloitte Cloud Guild, a technology training program with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Announced today, the Deloitte Cloud Guild will offer a variety of training opportunities, from hackathons and immersion days to highly targeted self-paced learning modules to upskill consultants on the technology underlying many of today’s business transformations. 

AWS has similar cloud skills programs with National Australia BankAustralia Post, and Insurance Australia Group and Kmart.

Deloitte Consulting Managing Partner, Kaylene O’Brien, said upskilling was critical to ensure clients continued to see Deloitte as the provider of choice to help them imagine, deliver, and run their organisations in the future, particularly as so many were now working remotely. 

“This is something we had planned before the current COVID-19 crisis and will now become even more valuable as our clients continue to move to the cloud and with more urgency,” she said.

“Technology is changing the workplace so quickly that continuous skills development is a key requirement for all professionals today. We already have a firmwide ‘tech savvy’ learning hub to help upskill our people on key disruptive technologies. The Deloitte Cloud Guild we are announcing today will take professional development around cloud knowledge to the next level for our people.”

Zack Levy, Deloitte Consulting AWS Lead Partner and director of the Deloitte Cloud Guild, said the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic has strengthened the firm’s commitment to technology-enabled change.

The transition to working from home in last month was enabled by Deloitte virtual office initiative which was launched midway through last year.

“We have a Sydney office, the Melbourne office, and we have a managing director for our virtual office. We wanted to do this to make sure that our people are well equipped to work effectively remotely, whether we want them to work on the customer sites, or we want them to have more flexibility to work from home,” Levy said. 

In April, 97 per cent of Deloitte’s workforce abruptly moved to work from home, as businesses closed their offices to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

“This was only possible because we made it a priority to invest in future-ready tools for our people, and it just reinforced for us the value of investing in continuous technology education empowering our people for the future.” 

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