Deliveroo has partnered with reusable packaging start-up Returnr, in a move to expand its sustainability practices. 

Returnr is a closed-loop reusable packaging scheme that aims to replace single-use takeaway packaging with equivalent reusable solutions. It was created by the co-founder of KeepCup. 

The trial allows Deliveroo customers to get a meal delivered in a reusable stainless steel bowl and once done they rinse the bowl and drop it off at certain locations. 

For meals to be delivered in a reusable stainless-steel bowl, customers can choose to add Returnr to their Deliveroo order and a refundable deposit of $6 is applied at the checkout. 

Once the bowl is is returned customers receive their full deposit back.

This new initiative is available at selected restaurants in Melbourne including, Nosh, Crisp, Belles Hot Chicken, Bowls Baby and Hanoi Hannah. If the trial is successful, Deliveroo will look to roll this out in other cities. 

Deliveroo has also partnered with BioPak offering compostable containers, utensils, cups and napkins for restaurants through their packaging store. They will give a discount for those who wish to replace single-use packaging with a compostable alternative.

Both initiatives are available on the Deliveroo platform. 

Jamie Forsyth, founder of Returnr, said, “Since Returnr launched in Melbourne at the end of 2018 with a custom-designed 100 per cent  recyclable and reusable stainless-steel bowl, it has diverted over 85,000 single-use plastic bowls from consumption and landfill. Through our partnership with Deliveroo, we’re excited to see this impact accelerate at a much faster pace”.

Joanne Woo, head of corporate affairs, Deliveroo Australia said, “When it comes to sustainability we want to lead and not follow. We have the opportunity now to make a difference, which is why we have partnered with Returnr and BioPak.

“These partnerships build on our local and global environmental commitments, such as our opt-in disposable cutlery initiative and efforts to introduce paper straws and compostable packaging through our restaurant partners. 

“Today, 91 per cent of Deliveroo customers choose not to receive disposable cutlery or napkins with their order. That, in itself, has made a huge difference – but we want to do more.”

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