Australian data sharing governance platform, Data Republic, today appointed Lynn Thompson as head of its new office in Singapore, supporting the company’s expansion into Asia.

Prior to this, Lynn worked with Deloitte Digital and Firemark’s InsurTech Hub in Singapore, where she was responsible for launching and operating the emerging technology and artificial intelligence hub.

“Lynn brings a great deal of experience to the team as a result of working in start-ups and corporate enterprises across APAC, and has a strong understanding of the risk and value of data, as well as its ability to unlock exponential value for companies who utilise it,” said Data Republic Co-founder and CEO Paul McCarney.

“Singapore has exceptional local technical talent, leadership, and business infrastructure that naturally aligns with our long-term growth plans for the region. Lynn will be focused on growing our Singapore team and partnerships over the next 12 months.”

In 2016 Data Republic received first round funding from several blue chip firms. More recently the data platform has received additional funding from ANZ.

Data Republic platform

Data Republic’s Senate platform has been designed to uphold trust and security by meeting data privacy, confidentiality, security and governance needs, as it ‘regulates’ how shared data is permitted for use on the platform. According to the company, This allows users to have greater governance and control over their data, whether they are utilising the technology internally between departments and teams or with approved third parties.

Paul McCarney CEO-and-Co-founder, and Lynn-Thompson Singapore Country Manager Data Republic

Ms Thompson said she is excited to be joining the Data Republic team.

“The Data Republic offering provides an exceptional solution for all organisations. The rapidly changing data landscape and a need for greater governance and control over the data and data insights controlled by businesses has driven the requirement of solutions like Data Republic globally,” Thompson said.

“I am very excited to be joining such an amazing team and I look forward to being able to boost industry-focused data innovation in Singapore. We need robust frameworks to protect citizens, whilst unlocking the value of data for organisations such as banks, airlines and government service departments.”

Singapore provides an ideal environment for the development of the development of data products , according to Data Republic CEO McCarney.

“The Singaporean government’s forward-thinking approach to data and privacy policy has fostered an incredible environment for data sharing innovation and collaboration,” he said.

“I’m excited by what Lynn, our team and Singaporean customers will be able to achieve.” Data Republic plans to grow their office to support world-leading data sharing initiatives in Singapore over the next several years, with initial hiring under way.

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