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  Malicious actors pose not only a threat to the security of company information, but to the physical safety of employees. A recent report by Gartner predicts that cyber criminals will have weaponised operational technology (OT) environments by 2025, demonstrating risk to human life. In today’s minicast we hear from

Digital transformation is broadening supply chains and increasing cybersecurity risks. Anne Petterd, Partner at Baker McKenzie and panellist at CyberArk’s recent executive panel event discusses the importance of embedding cybersecurity protections across the entire supply chain in order to deliver a successful digital transformation agenda. Petterd suggests that many businesses

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Yesterday the United States, along with its Five Eyes partners and NATO took the unprecedented step of openly accusing China of a global cyberespionage campaign. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Chinese sponsored attacks posed “a major threat to our economic and national security”. The statements came after

A recent report has revealed a 700% increase in IoT-specific malware, specifically targeting the ‘Chattiest’ of Internet of Things devices. Cloud security company Zscaler released a study last week examining the state of IoT devices left on corporate networks, during a time when businesses were forced to move to a

“Security by design,” says Thomas Fikentscher, Regional Director ANZ at CyberArk, is “about being smart when it comes to using the right toolsets from the beginning.” At CyberArk’s recent executive panel event, Fikentscher discussed the 2020 SolarWinds attack, and that the biggest lesson to take away was that the hackers

  Companies globally are grappling with the growing threat of cybercrime.  In today’s minicast, Sean Duca, Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer for Asia Pacific & Japan at Palo Alto Networks highlights some key steps that businesses can take to protect themselves and improve their cybersecurity posture. Duca describes

Ransomware attacks are more common than ever and cyber security is becoming a key focus for many firms across APAC. As the Head of Security, APJ Commercial at Amazon Web Services, Phil Rodrigues knows full well both the importance of good cyber security and the challenges local firms face. That’s

  Innovation and cybersecurity have, for some time been seen in opposition. However, according to Samuel Stuart, Director of Digital Identity at Mastercard, organisations must couple cybersecurity with innovation, in order to bring the issue front of mind. CyberArk’s recent senior executive panel event explored the ways that organisations can

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Microsoft just pushed through a warning to update your windows software because of a serious vulnerability in the operating system. The security flaw, known as PrintNightmare, affects the Windows Print Spooler service. The exploit is used by hackers to remotely execute code with system-level privileges. “We recommend that you install

China’s irritation with tech companies has grown more significant with a move over the weekend to limit the access of local rideshare service Didi Chuxing from local app stores. The ban comes just days after the company listed on the US stock exchange, in a major flex by a government