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The most popular passwords used by retail and e-commerce employees are depressingly familiar and shockingly weak, according to a study by NordPass. The list of passwords was compiled in partnership with a third-party company specialising in data breach research, according to Nordpass. The researchers analysed data from public third-party breaches

Seven seemingly separate fraud schemes targeting CTV devices over the past year and a half are in fact part of one large, coordinated fraud scheme family, identified as OctoBot. That’s the finding of a digital media measurement, data and analytics outfit DoubleVerify. In a report issued this morning called DV

When global food and beverage giant Mondelez was hit with the NotPetya ransomware, the cost was reportedly as much as $US100 million and caused a major acquisition to be  put on hold until the damage was remediated. You could argue they got off lightly. Credit reporting giant Equifax has spent

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At the end of March, cybersecurity breaches were reported across the Nine Media network and, almost simultaneously, at Parliament House in Canberra. While the disruption in Canberra was neither as severe — staff were unable to access their email — nor as visible as the breach at Nine, the nature

One problem for many organisations is that they do not really understand the threats they are facing, and therefore don’t understand what risk controls to select and implement. That lack of understanding is often compounded by insufficient investment in cyber threat intelligence acquisition and cyber security controls. It is important

The data from a very significant data breach at Facebook from 2019 re-emerged over the weekend. It involved the leaking of personal details of more than 533 million users, including 7 million Australians. Facebook applied the “nothing to see here” defence, saying the leak was old.  Information including full names,