The Cross Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) market is still growing but five vendors stand out, according to a new Forrester Wave report.

The “leaders” category includes Adobe, IBM, Oracle, SAS and Salesforce in the Forrester Wave Cross-Channel Campaign Management Q1 2018 report.

In a seperate Forrester report, Adobe and Salesforce were also named leaders in enterprise marketing software suites. And while the market for enterprise marketing software suites has begun to consolidate, the CCCM market is still growing “because more B2C marketing professionals see it as a way to address growing customer experience (CX) expectations”, the report said.

Forrester evaluated 12 leading vendors on their current offerings, strategy and market presence. In addition to the five leaders, Cheetah Digital, Emarsys, Pegasystems, Pitney Bowes, RedPoint Global, SAP Hybris, and Selligent were evaluated.

The report included surveying the vendor’s clients to determine their top expected challenges over the next two years and why they are increasingly turning to CCCM. The results suggested customer experience was the main motivator while technology related challenges where becoming less of a driver, according to the report.

CCCM users indicated they now had a better understanding of their customers across channels and devices – the top challenge in Q1 2016 but equal last in Q4 2017. But increasing customer engagement remained the top marketing challenge for CCCM users – 46 per cent in Q1 2016 and 47 per cent in Q4 2017.

Among the leader category the report states: Adobe provides a well-rounded approach to CCCM, Oracle excels at cross-channel digital marketing, IBM is increasing investments to reconcile its CCCM acquisitions, SAS powers analytically-driven marketing strategies, and Salesforce continues to build on its core email strengths.

According to Forrester, Adobe beat all other vendors in weighted categories with scores of 3.96/5 for current offering, 4.65/5 for strategy. However it trailed Salesforce, SAS, IBM and Oracle in market presence – a category which did not count towards overall ranking.

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