The need to navigate the changing landscape of digital marketing — driven by ever-rising customer expectations — was a common theme across many of Which-50’s most popular digital marketing stories published this year.

Topping the list was Which-50’s coverage of ad retargeting platform Criteo. The story began late last year, when the French company reacted angrily to allegations of ad fraud published on investment site Seeking Alpha, describing them as “unsubstantiated and false” .

The story reappeared in September 2017, when short-sellers Gotham City Research published a report alleging 50 per cent of Criteo’s revenues originate from suspect sources. Criteo refuted the claims. More recently Apple’s move to block third party cookies in Safari – used for ad retargeting – has hit the company’s revenue forecasts, sending its shares off a cliff last week.

And, if you believe the digital advertising ecosystem is broken there’s plenty of attempts underway to “fix” it. Namely blockchain. Two of our most popular stories this year explore the potential for blockchain to overhaul the sale of online ads and what’s holding the technology back.

Which-50’s most popular digital marketing stories

1. COVER STORY: Gotham City Research goes after Criteo asking, “Is it Malware?” Promises new disclosures
Financial analysts Gotham City Research have doggedly pursued retargeting platform Criteo this year, alleging its platform is more susceptible to exploitation by ad fraudsters than its peers.

2. Digital Darwinism Emerges As Consumer Behaviour Transforms the Marketing Landscape
‘Digital Darwinism’ is forcing organisations to radically evolve their marketing operations in order to become customer driven.

3. Study: Customer experience is main driver of marketing agility, says the CMO Club
CMOs have a much more sophisticated view of the real value digital channels provide than many people give them credit for. That is especially true of those marketing executives who have successfully embedded agility into the way they work.

4. CommBank using data to drive ‘next best conversation’ strategy
CommBank deploys Pegasystems Marketing application to help understand their customers’ behaviours and goals, and to generate relevant, timely and trigger-based propositions.

5. The Three Ps of digital marketing transformation
Positioning, prioritisation and politics.

6. These 6 Marketing Automation Statistics Show Where Marketers Really Are
Six statistics that present a snapshot of the current marketing automation landscape.

7. Oracle displaces Adobe as top digital experience platform: Forrester
Oracle’s digital experience platform moved into top spot ahead of Adobe in the September Forrester Research Wave report.

8. Can Brendan Eich Create A Brave New World of Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising?
Is digital advertising broken? And can blockchain-enabled digital tokens fix it?

9. What are you hiding, Gotham City Research asks Criteo. Says the company is destroying evidence
Gotham City takes aim at Criteo again, this time turning the spotlight on the company’s attempts to circumvent Apple’s new privacy settings.

10. COVER STORY: No, Blockchain won’t upend digital marketing — yet. But the potential is real
As we will all be hearing a lot about blockchain and marketing over the next 12 months, Which-50 decided to get our reality check in early.

Over the next week Which-50 is publishing the most read stories for each of the categories we cover: Insights, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Industrial Internet, Analytics, and Leadership.

Our regular editorial coverage will return on January 3, 2018. Thanks for reading!

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