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The impacts of COVID-19 have accelerated the digitisation of 69 per cent of APAC organisations, according to a survey of IT decision makers, with the results suggesting  Australia is now the fourth most digitally mature country in the region. At the beginning of the year a Cisco commissioned IDC to

C-suite executives say COVID-19 has accelerated their digital plans by as much as a decade in a matter of months, according to a poll by McKinsey & Company.  The digitisation of an organisation’s offerings accelerated by seven years on average around the world because of COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions, according

While COVID-19 and subsequent social distancing restrictions have triggered a boom for digital services, many Australian consumers intend to revert to in person experiences when it is safe to do so, according to a global survey by ForgeRock. The identity management provider says it has created an imperative for businesses

Taiwan has so far achieved one of the best responses to COVID-19, keeping case numbers and mortality rates exceptionally low compared to comparable nations, including Australia. New analysis by RMIT researcher and PhD candidate Kelsie Nabben suggests a radical approach to digital democracy may be an important factor. Taiwan’s unlikely

Taiwan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been among the world’s best. With a population almost the size of Australia’s, the island nation has reported only 496 confirmed cases of the disease and no locally acquired infections for months. The unlikely heroes of Taiwan’s success are “civic tech hacktivists”: coders


CEO’s expect to pull back spending on office space in the wake of COVID-19 after it forced many organisations to go remote. In this week’s Minicast, Editor-in-Chief Andrew Birmingham ask digital strategist Max Ryerson about the changing value of the office and why it could spell trouble for companies like

It’s surprising how quickly public opinion can change. Winding the clocks back 12 months, many of us would have looked at a masked individual in public with suspicion. Now, some countries have enshrined face mask use in law. They’ve also been made compulsory in Victoria and are recommended in several

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The long-lasting economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic means that cross-border values will only exceed 2019 values by 2022; highlighting the effect that this major economic disruption will have on businesses around the world. The insight is contained in a news study by Juniper Research. As a result, we predict

More than half of Australian workers (55 per cent) expect their industry will change for the better after COVID-19 due to the changes being implemented in response to the pandemic, according to new research released today from Qualtrics, which finds workplace flexibility and gratitude as the most effective parts of

The onset of the pandemic health crisis is now an ongoing factor in social, economic and our personal lives.  Expectations for the crisis having a short-term impact were prevalent in the spring. As executive expectations give way to a grimmer reality, Gartner’s Q2 2020 IT spending forecast anticipates declines in U.S.