From empty supermarket shelves to delays manufacturing electronics and cars, the COVID-19 crisis has provided a stark example of global supply chain disruption.  In the early months of the crisis, 94 per cent of Fortune 1000 companies suffered supply chain disruptions. Underestimating the risk of supply chain shocks led to

XY Sense has completed its initial seed funding round, raising AU$5 million from leading Australian venture fund, Blackbird Ventures, staff and angel investors. Founded in 2016 by Alex Birch and Luke Murray, XY Sense is a Melbourne headquartered technology startup that has designed and engineered a world-leading smart sensor platform

Leaders must master two styles of leadership during a crisis: acute, to respond to the initial chaos; and chronic, to manage the long and often uncertain path to recovery.  That’s the view of Gartner, expressed in a recent report titled, “Acute vs. Chronic Leadership during the Covid-19 Pandemic”, authored by

When the COVID-19 disruption erupted in early March putting the economy into a national lockdown, senior executives made bet-the-business decisions based on the best data available. Companies found themselves making decisions in days that they would typically spend months planning. In the fog of the moment, data became a critical

The lasting global impact of COVID-19 will usher in five macro shifts that will permanently alter business and technology. according to Forresyer Research. A new report, “The New, Unstable Normal: How COVID-19 Will Change Business And Technology Forever,” describes how, despite modern healthcare and the implementation of extensive pandemic management

Draft rules for the management of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) prevent Australian consumers and businesses from realising the full benefits of open banking, according to Moneytree KK, the parent company of Australian open banking player Moneytree Financial Technology. The draft rules, released on 22 June by the ACCC, do

COVID-19 has resulted in the single biggest change to the function of boards in 80 years, according to New Zealand and Australian board management software company BoardPro. Companies that will be successful in a post-COVID19 world are those that accept that the way we do business isn’t returning to how

The Covid-19 Pandemic has revealed weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the global food supply chain, and these weaknesses will be made worse by climate changes, according to McKinsey and Co. According to the management consultants, “While global food supply is still strong, individual countries and regions are starting to experience shortages

COVIDSafe, Australia’s contact tracing mobile app, is being hailed a success with 6 million downloads and a demonstration in the new “gold standard” of government tech delivery. But a month since launch it is unclear how much utility the app provides health authorities. The commonwealth government now reports privacy protections

The massive disruption to markets and to the economy ushered in by COVID-19 has created a real-time, real-life stress test for business. Organisations that invested in the organisational and infrastructure assets of business sustainability are now reaping the benefits, while management consultants like McKinsey and Co. stress the importance of