The massive disruption to markets and to the economy ushered in by COVID-19 has created a real-time, real-life stress test for business. Organisations that invested in the organisational and infrastructure assets of business sustainability are now reaping the benefits, while management consultants like McKinsey and Co. stress the importance of

Last year a group of Australian CEOs pooled their collective intellect and resources to ponder a five- to ten-year scenario: how should they manage the people in their workforce as technology programs eliminate roles through automation?  One possible solution they came up with was to exchange, or loan, employees between

Over the past two months, company directors have abandoned the salubrious trappings of Mahogany Row, with its impressive oak boardroom tables, stunning city views, and all those oh-so-comfortable American Heritage leather chairs. These days they are slumming it along with salaried hoi polloi. That means sharing a small box on

Australian owned and operated Advent Security has rolled out its Thermal Human Body Temperature Measurement Technology for Latrobe Regional Hospital and global logistics company, DHL. Latrobe Regional Hospital was the first client to implement Advent Security’s technology in the context of the current pandemic to detect the body temperature of

Uber will offer fee relief to Australian restaurants by permanently reducing the standard commission it takes on deliveries from 35 per cent of order value to 30 per cent. The ride sharing and food delivery giant has also given a breakdown of its delivery commission model in response to criticism

The explosion in remote work because of social distancing restrictions has accelerated Australia’s move out of offices by a decade and brought into sharp focus the value of digital experiences, according to Australian technology leaders. Didier Elzinga, co-founder and CEO of local tech unicorn Culture Amp today said the COVID-19

Technology has been at the centre of business continuity plans during the COVID-19 crisis and will play a key role in navigating the path to recovery, but amid a prolonged period of uncertainty, the challenge for technology leaders is choosing which playbook to follow.  According to research from Gartner, survival,

COVID-19 has accelerated globally transformative trends in business according to senior industry executives we interviewed for our COVID-19 Disruption series. Last week we asked Didier Bonnet, Affiliate Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation at IMD Business School, Max Ryerson, the CEO of StratForce, and Korn Ferry’s APAC IT services VP

Australia debuted its own contact tracing app, COVIDSafe, on the weekend in the hopes the technology will help ease lockdown restrictions. Two million people downloaded the app in less than 48 hours as the government called on citizens to play their part in slowing the spread of the pandemic. Despite

Australia’s contact tracing app will be critical to tracking and minimising the spread of coronavirus, according to the federal government, which has positioned the technology as a way to speed up the easing of lockdown measures. But some privacy experts are concerned about the proportionality and design of the tool