Sydney remains the epicentre of the COVID-19 delta variant outbreak in Australia. The city remains under lockdown, crushing economic activity and causing mental anguish and untold damage to the lives of its people. Reports are filtering in that the NSW cabinet is contemplating varying lockdown provisions across the greater metropolitan

As the old saying goes, empires are not built on creative accounting. Organisations looking to recover strongly from disruption are often tempted to slash costs as a first measure. This can be seen as a useful interim approach to get the business back onto a stable footing, before decision-makers determine

The reverberations of the pandemic continue to be felt across our lives, from our wallets to our workplace. In a recent consumer survey by customer engagement software firm Freshworks of more than 10,500 customers from 10 countries, their research uncovered some favourable trends for Aussies when compared to their global

The Oxford AstraZeneca saga has entered its final phase as the federal government moved on Wednesday to replace the controversial vaccine by the end of October. Australia joins a growing list of countries to suspend the vaccine over concerns about its safety and blood clotting, despite repeated messaging from health


It’s tough in the global supply chain these days. For months, COVID-19 has caused logistical delays in freight movements because of limited infrastructure movement, locked-down freight workers and government restrictions. To make this bad problem worse, the pandemic has yielded unprecedented demand for lockdown-desirable goods like consumer electronics, home improvement

It's time to prepare for the supply chain oft he future.

Moving goods around the globe has always had its challenges. From a ship stuck in a canal to unpredictable international and domestic border closures, recent years have supplied an even greater test to what we thought we knew about supply chains. According to EY’s think tank, EYQ, the current linear

Research from communication platform Slack released today reveals that Australian workers have no interest in returning full-time to the office. Slack’s study, The Remote Work Tech Effect, is based on a survey conducted by Honeycomb Strategy of 1000 Australian knowledge workers in March of this year, following the first iteration

One year after the first COVID lockdown, research from HireVue suggests that Australian HR leaders are prioritising diversity and inclusion, as well as automating the hiring process.  The HireVue Global Hiring Landscape surveyed 1100 hiring leaders in Australia, the US and the UK to better understand how the hiring process

A recent study by McKinsey & Company suggests that consumer preferences, technology and regulation have transformed the mobility sector as a result of COVID-19.  Passengers concerned about hygiene and safety have turned away from public transport, and are favouring private modes of travel — including bikes, scooters and even private

Despite the fact that COVID-19 hit Australia less severely than other parts of the world, only slightly more than one in ten employees felt fully engaged with the workforce in 2020. That’s a key finding from a recent study by HR research institute ADP, which sought to examine the impact