Marketing can be chaotic, especially in an era of ever-rising customer expectations and seemingly endless consumer choice.

So it is no wonder that providing a consistent and meaningful customer experience typically tops the list of marketers’ most challenging pain points.

Of course that means marrying together personalised content across multiple channels, all the while collaborating with internal colleagues and external parties who sometimes have competing priorities.

Marketers also have to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, while proving ROI to the CFO and maximising cross-channel revenue streams for the boss.

To do this successfully they need to streamline frontline operations.

Image: The Five Marketing Essentials

These issues are explored in a series of guides from Aprimo, the first of which publishes this week.

The guides outline steps brands can take to get control of their marketing and the first ebook outlines the five marketing essentials:

  • Plan The key is to establish objectives and strategies at the top level, curate innovative marketing ideas at the distributed level, and align the organisation around an integrated, agile marketing plan that ties back to the company’s objectives. With a solid strategy in place, marketers are equipped to ensure their goals — from market share to customer growth — are met.
  • Spend Marketers who have full visibility into campaign dollars are better-equipped to make real-time decisions, agile adjustments, and impactful reallocations. When marketers can allocate and manage spend from budgeting to invoicing, adjust those budgets with insight and agility, and link ROI to specific projects, budgets become a lot more manageable.
  • Create Automating activities and implementing best practices with an industry-leading marketing operations tool means marketers have more time to tap into their creative brains. An additional bonus? Built-in approval and compliance measures ensure every piece of collateral in the market has been appropriately signed, sealed, and delivered.
  • Distribute To gain a competitive edge and amplify their marketing voice, smart marketers leverage their distributed partners — resellers, agents, franchisees, field sales, and other channel partners — to execute locally relevant campaigns at scale.
  • Perform By aligning marketing programs to strategic objectives, marketers boost the results and performance of marketing investments through analytics, alignment, and assignment of resources to the most effective — and high-performing — activities.

In the coming weeks we will be diving deeply into each one of these topics. Download The Five Marketing Essentials ebook today to get started.

About the Authors

Sean Campbell is a solutions consultant for Aprimo. He has worked with leading brands in the US, Europe, and APAC helping them to transform their marketing operations. Andrew Birmingham is the director of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit of which Aprimo is a Corporate Member. Our members provide their insights and expertise for the benefit of the Which-50 community. Membership fees apply.


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