Companies that have curious employees with different points of view and ideas create better products for customer engagement according to Julie Larson-Green, chief experience officer at Qualtrics.

She said teams should listen and understand what people want from your company so you can exceed their expectations and find out how to solve their problems.

“[At Qualtrics] we’ve been thinking a lot about where we going with our employee experience and we started out by developing a strong culture and cultural values,” she said.

Larson-Green said organisations who want to deliver better customer experience need to first understand themselves.

“So what are your values in the company? And then how do you encourage people to be part of those values and adhere to those values? So we’ll be working on the culture that leads to the right business outcomes,” she said.

Larson-Green has been at Qualtrics for a year and half where her role focuses on measuring the employee experience, testing the product, the brand experience, the experience of Qualtrics itself and what the company puts out into the world.

So while the CEO and the COO are focused on the operational metrics of the company, I’m focused on the experience metrics of the company. We work to look at the drivers and see how much to improve the experience, which ultimately improves the business. So I run both the people side and the culture.”

When she was at Microsoft as chief experience officer for the Office Experience Organisation her role was more product based. During her time she discovered the connection between culture and product outcomes and customer outcomes.

“I worked on Microsoft Office for many years, and we wanted it to be a collaborative product. But I didn’t realise how much the environment informs whether you care about collaboration or not.

“And so people sitting in individual offices and emailing each other through the wall wasn’t really conducive to understanding how to build a collaborative product. So we had to change the culture of the team as well as the direction and vision, it had to be all aligned,” she said.

At Qualtrics, Larson-Green said they try to live and breathe experiences. This is from the parental leave experience, getting sick experience and even the bad experience.

“We want people to have experiences, so they can come back and discuss those experiences with each other, how much fun they’re having, the cool things they did and also attract new employees.

“At Qualtrics, we have a social program called Qualtrics Life, where we, whoever wants to talk about what they did, we’ll put it on Twitter, or Facebook page and let people see ‘oh wow those people at Qualtrics are out there experiencing life’.”

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