Companies are beginning to harness an innovation culture from within their organisations according to Pamela Maynard, president, product and innovation at Avanade.

In a recent interview with Which-50 she said, “[Companies are] looking to harness ideas, creating space within their employee base to allow their employees to surface ideas and to innovate.”

She noted this could be through hackathons, sponsoring idea sessions where someone could be awarded for the best idea in a dragons den or shark tank type scenario.

Maynard said, “I’m seeing and hearing more of those types of scenarios where organisations are creating a culture of innovation from within.

“As well as seeing more organisations look at how they can learn from cross industry groups, harnessing input from partners, key stakeholders, industry analysts and academia, really looking at their entire ecosystems and thinking about how they can harness it to innovate.

Maynard said one of the things that is becoming more exciting and driving that internal culture of innovation is to create space within organisations.

When it comes to defining innovation Maynard said its not necessarily blue-sky but more trailblazing.

“It is something which is relevant – it could’ve been done with a client in a particular industry and we’re taking that asset or idea and looking at how we can apply it to different industries.

“From a cross the industry perspective, that may actually be innovative where there is something relevant to our client and have some immediacy in terms of driving value for our clients.”

Avanade has 25 offices across the globe, Maynard said the growth markets include Australia, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Avanade partners

Avanade has been working with Open Universities Australia to provide a more personalised website learning experience for its students. This included building a better view of what their students want, who they are and guiding them towards finding the program that is best suited for them throughout their academic journey.

Open Universities Australia wanted to bring in the best of the market to help them understand what the future looks like and selected Avanade for this. Avanade also set the company’s digital strategy and is assisting with the delivery of the client’s website project.

Avanade is also working with oil and gas giant Woodside using predictive analytics, proactive maintenance strategies and supporting decisions to enhance production safety and risk management capabilities

The company is delivering an end-to-end analytics solution for real-time actionable insights on Woodside’s Liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities, including the Pluto LNG Plant.

Avanade’s data scientists and technologies are working with Woodside to rapidly make analytics pervasive in decision-making, establishing models specifically to drive proactive maintenance strategies and support decisions to enhance production, safety and risk management capabilities.

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