It’s something of a breath of fresh air. A banker in Australia – the CBA’s chief Ian Narev – openly acknowledging that he doesn’t know what technology will do to banks.  The report of Narev’s comment went on to his speculation about the future evolution of tablets and check off the

Employees across all levels of the business need to be trained to understand what data the company uses, how that information will be stored and how it can be used to enhance the customer experience to drive sales, according to management consultants McKinsey & Company This was a key conclusion

Banks derive a huge slab of their revenue from fees on electronic payments and those revenues are under threat, as myriad studies have shown. Now research from the Commonwealth Bank Of Australia (CBA) helps explain the scale of contestability. According to a study by the bank, the majority (73 per cent)

Retailers that collaborate across corporate structures, share data across divisions and who encourage employee participation in analysing customer data are stealing a march on their competitors according to a new study. IBM, along with Planet Retail studied leading retailers in the US & UK, which surveyed 325 senior merchandising executives

Napster wasn’t the first peer to peer file sharing company at the dawn of the dotcom era. Nor was it the only company to flagrantly disregard the law during those halcyon days before and just after the crash. But more than any other company it was the harbinger for the

Financial services ought to be one of the very big winners from digital technology. Especially in Asia and especially at the household or retail level. And in many ways that’s true. But there’s a hitch. For years now, innovators in Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam and India have been producing smart

Westpac revealed in February that it is trialing wearable technology both in Australia (via the St George bank Money Meter app) and across the pond in New Zealand with its Cash Tank App. This week it opened the kimono a little wider. In a video on YouTube, Westpac New Zealand

The banking industry is the most at risk of disruption as millennials enter the mainstream, according to a three year study of younger US consumers by an internal Viacom research group. Fully one third of the respondents, representing an audience block of 84 million people born in the US between

Commercial disruption is Hobbesian by its nature — nasty, brutish and short. As Accenture banking specialists Wayne Busch and Juan Pedro Moreno writing on the HBR Blog network recently noted, Apple took just seven years to dominate the global music retail industry. And Google took just 18 months to destroy

New research by OC&C Strategy Consultants and Google finds that ecommerce in the top six markets will increase five fold by 2020. And it identifies the UK as an emerging powerhouse and already the world’s leading net exporter of goods purchased online. Britain’s online trade surplus is over $US1 billion