Taxation equity is an emotive topic. As a result, the discussions around the lowering of the GST threshold on imported goods from the current $1000, creates heated debate. The issue has a number of levels and cannot be responded to in a simple way. My views, are summed up in

New research has found that Australians use the Google search function on their phones on average 12 times a day! The research was complied by ZeroDeskTop Mobile Analytics and appears – courtesy of Google – in the latest edition of B&T out this week. Says Lisa Bora, head of mobile at Google Australia,

The attack of startup fintech companies (‘new’ fintech) intent on disrupting the banking and finance system is well documented. Many industry experts believe that banking will not survive in its current form. Established time banking and technology companies (‘old’ fintech), including those system integrators and consultancies with specialized banking practices,

Before opening an online sales channel in China, every company has a fundamental decision to make: build a stand-alone Chinese-language e-commerce website, or open a virtual flagship store on one of the country’s vast e-commerce marketplaces? This choice, while seemingly simple, is complicated by the differences between Chinese and Western

Large, “analog-era” banking and capital markets businesses risk disintermediation as the interest and investment in fintech startups runs red hot according to a new study by TABB Group. The view that traditional banking and capital markets firms remained largely impervious to the digital revolution has given way to a recognition

Core banking systems are complex, difficult and expensive — the very antithesis of digital agility. Yet banks that want to embrace the digital revolution have little choice but to power ahead. The good news is that there is an opportunity to realise an 18 to 25 per cent return on

The Outnet is one of the fastest-growing high-end women’s fashion e-retail sites on the planet. Its Global Director of Sales and Marketing, Andres Sosa, is in Australia this week presenting at the ADMA Conference in Sydney. He discusses the style (and strategy) that built the brand’s success. What’s been the

ABC Shops across the country will begin phased closures as Aunty moves towards an online retail model. Disruption to CD and book sales – and huge government funding cutbacks to the national broadcaster brought the business unglued. In a statement anouncing the closures the ABC said, “This strategy aligns with

Blockchains – which are a public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed* – have the potential  to bring major changes in the way in which payments are effected.  At the end of the day a payment is simply a means through which a debit and and

Management consultants Booz Allen Hamilton have outlined what they say are the four factors driving the global retail revolution and digital is key to each. According to Sedar M.T. Labar and Jay Townsend writing in a short paper called The Retail Revolution, “Today’s retailers are facing demands for convenience, value