Banking used to be so easy. You borrowed money from depositors at parsimonious rates of interest and then you charged them a fee to get their money back – and called it “customer service.” Then when they wanted the favour returned you lent them the money at much higher rates.

As consumer expectations around the omnichannel shopping experience evolves and mature this is creating renewed pressure on supply chains according to Forrester Research’s Peter Sheldon. For ecommerce managers he suggests it is time to start sweating about the back office systems. And it seems the industry agrees with him. His

On 27 March 2012 the Chinese Communist Party adopted its formal five year plan on e-commerce. Its goal is to make China’s market the largest globally for e-commerce. Transparency, security and logistics are highlighted, with regulations designed to build effective and efficient markets. Ecommerce is clearly central to the big

Retailers are beyond the technology tipping point, according to Devin Wenig, president of eBay Marketplaces. In a recent interview with McKinsey and Company and available as a series of seven small video grabs, Wenig tells the management consultants, “I think the last two years in particular have been extraordinary in

  The impact of omnichannel on supply chains, Amazon’s $2B Indian expansion and Forrester’s Wave research dominated the global omnichannel chatter this week as the tempo and the volume lifted on the conversation. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report identifies the most influential conversation starters of the last week

In digital it is all about the ecosystem and an alliance announced earlier today provides a simple example of what that looks like at the coal face.  Eventbrite, the global self-service ticketing platform and events marketplace, and crowd sourcing design site 99designs have announced an alliance based around 99design’s Swiftly

Fast-growing Southeast Asian ecommerce outfit, aCommerce, will integrate Jericho Digital Communications marketing solutions as its partner of choice as it expands its current suite of platforms. The deal is significant for Jericho, as it aligns it with an increasingly well-regarded regional ecommerce platform. It also offers Jericho’s clients ready-made commercial

Global computing company Salesforce celebrated the one-year anniversary of its $US2.5 billion acquisition of ExactTarget by releasing a dramatic upgrade of its Marketing Cloud. At the company’s San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday, Saleforce rolled out the Salesforce One enhancements, bringing together the company’s Sales and Service Clouds, AppExchange and Marketing

  The trick with social media is that it is a great leveler. Many of the top social shares we discover in the Chatter Report come from very predictable sources — tech publications or management consultants. But not always. This week’s top ecommerce social share was a link through to

China’s bank regulators, having slept on it for a few months, have approved the entry of new players. But TenCent — the digital intruder that had its banking initiative put in limbo earlier in the year — will be required to bring partners to its venture. While initial reports suggested