Yeah, nice new phones, and the Apple Watch is pretty enough, but the really revolutionary idea on display this morning — and the one most likely to seriously disrupt current behaviour over the long term — is Apple Pay, a frictionless transaction service. With Amex, Visa and Mastercard already onboard

Aside from it’s remarkable business, the fascinating characteristic of Alibaba is the willingness of otherwise cynical market analysts to buy the story. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Alibaba has ample growth ahead. Not the least being the potential of its core business to simply collapse

Twitter may well have quitter problem but its engaged and active users share one common characteristic beloved by brands – they spend like crazy. Yesterday the company announced that it had started rolling out a buy button to a small set of US users which would allow them to purchase

  The humble press release is the liner of paper bins and clogger of digital arteries in news rooms the world over. The very fact that its information is flagged for general release immediately diminishes it in the eyes of the traditional gate keepers of the public’s right to know

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has been trialing its own credit card for some time and now it is ready to ramp it up.  Given the $75bn in 2013 sales (and growing in 2014), the Card divisions of all banks (except maybe Chase…the bank behind the Amazon card) should

Digital events platform Eventbrite  has appointed a new Australian managing director for a business that is on track to track to exceed six million cumulative tickets processed in Australia by the end of this year.  Australia represents about 5 per cent of Eventbrite’s global gross ticket sales. More than 100,000

The development of digital payments in the world’s emerging economies will help boost growth and will address issues of financial individual empowerment, says a report by the World Bank Development Research Group (WBDRG). “The benefits of digital payments go well beyond the convenience many people in developed economies associate with

There has been a riff in the business world about the remarkable market power accrued to Google and others. The point is that we thought the digital world was the ultimate market, and it turns out to be a reversion to the US economy in 1925: lots of muscular brutes,

  Vendor posts rarely rate highly on Twitter — it is one of the odd characteristics of a medium that seems tailor-made for brand expertise. However, Adobe broke the drought this week with a tweet offering three tips to enhance customer interactions, pushing it up to the top of this

Since it launched two decades ago, Amazon has become the world’s “Everything Store”, defined retailing and established itself as a member of the Internet Big Four. But those early shell-shocked retail rivals are fighting back. A recent L2 intelligence report shows that some retailers have started to push back and