The hot topic in the ecommerce social chatter stream this week was the Ecommerce Paris trade show held between the 22nd and 24th. The majority of the top tweets related to the event. On a side note, it was also the first time a language other than English dominated our

Alibaba popped, as they say in the trade. Its listing pricing of $68 now looks conservative given that the stock surged and even clipped $100 at one stage. That sent its market cap to over $230B.   For his troubles founder Jack Ma trousered a tidy $19B. And remember, the

Paypal and Braintree – which it acquired last year for $800M – are offering free payment transactions to a transaction value of USD 1.5 Million  and USD 100,000 respectively as they extend their Startup Blueprint program into the Asia Pacific.  The program has more than 45 incubator and accelerator pertners in EMEA,

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba looks set to eclipse the world’s biggest previous IPO — the 2008 of Visa — with a $US68 listing price that values the business at $US167 billion. The pricing reflects excitement around the IPO, and the confidence of the underwriters given that the price is at the

Ecommerce outfit Shopify, which provides a platform to over 100,000 online retailers, reports that in late August that more people used mobile phones and tablets than PCs to visit stores on its network. In a post on the company’s Ecommerce University blog, Founder and CEO Tobi Lütke wrote “We have

When Alibaba floats later this week, it is expected to be the largest IPO ever — exceeding even that of Visa in 2008. And while much of the attention will focus on the headline number in the early days after it it goes public, research outfit Ovum suggests that there

Australian Bitcoin service startup Coinjar today began trialing CoinJar Swipe, the first EFTPOS card which allows Bitcoin holders to spend their digital currency anywhere they like. CoinJar teamed up with emerchants, the leading prepaid payments solution provider in Australia, to develop Coinjar Swipe. Bitcoins are being used by an estimated 500,000

  A profile on Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Target’s omnichannel experience  and Twitter as a retailer were the three big conversation charters in the omnichannel social stream this week. But just as interesting were the sources of those shares; the BBC, a Target management conference and a pop music webzine.

Yesterday Apple revealed Apple Pay, along with its intention to have a red hot go at the market for mobile payment services. But the question remains: are consumers ready? Opinion is divided about how successful the company will be. Those focusing on its track record and finance industry relationships are

Aside from it’s remarkable business, the fascinating characteristic of Alibaba is the willingness of otherwise cynical market analysts to buy the story. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Alibaba has ample growth ahead. Not the least being the potential of its core business to simply collapse