ABC Shops across the country will begin phased closures as Aunty moves towards an online retail model. Disruption to CD and book sales – and huge government funding cutbacks to the national broadcaster brought the business unglued. In a statement anouncing the closures the ABC said, “This strategy aligns with

Blockchains – which are a public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed* – have the potential  to bring major changes in the way in which payments are effected.  At the end of the day a payment is simply a means through which a debit and and

Management consultants Booz Allen Hamilton have outlined what they say are the four factors driving the global retail revolution and digital is key to each. According to Sedar M.T. Labar and Jay Townsend writing in a short paper called The Retail Revolution, “Today’s retailers are facing demands for convenience, value

Figures release by iResearch China demonstrate the extraordinary power Alibaba wield in the Chinese ecommerce market, where it controls nearly 85 per cent of the mobile shopping market. According to Resonance Chinas, “The numbers are impressive with mobile Taobao and mobile Tmall making up 84.5 per cent of China’s RMB

Juniper Research predicts that the full throttled arrival of social media giants at the electronic cash register will drive global eRetail sales to $1.7 trillion this year, up over 17 per cent on last year. According to the company recent growth has also been buoyed by factors such as public Wi-Fi

Who would have thought that the corner store – or whatever you think Woolworths is today – would be the fiercest of battlegrounds in globalisation and digital disruption? Woolworths is in shock therapy (translated: change CEOs) after the early inset of competition to what was a comfy, dominant Australian position

When I took the helm as CEO and Managing Director of David Jones Limited five years ago, traditional retailers were a little on the nose. It didn’t take much for anyone to start an online business, and many Australians did. Some customers felt that walking into a store was a

McDonalds is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but now digital technologies are helping the company transform their services far beyond the traditional customer experience according to Daniel Lee, Senior Director, Digital Experience Lead APMEA, McDonald’s. Lee joined McDonald’s two and a half years ago. He already

In the last six months of so there has been much commentary about Tesco’s difficulties, including a number of posts by me. One of the questions I have been asked many times since is “Why didn’t ClubCard (Tesco’s loyalty card scheme) data warn them? Why didn’t big data help? Surely a

First they will come for the bankers, then they will come for the brokers. According to a major new report from the World Economic Forum the most imminent effects of disruption will be felt in the banking sector; however, the greatest impact of disruption is likely to be felt in