Australia Post will accelerate its China push and, by extension, the entree of Australian brands into the market by offering an Alibaba shop front on Tmall — underpinned by a suite of free services such as translation and customer support, Which-50 has learned. An announcement is expected as early as

We have a compact with the tech sector. We hand over our personal details, we trust them with the most intimate considerations around our relationships and personal well-being, and we give them our credit cards and bank account details so they can sell us stuff. In return, we expect them

Americans generated $US56 billion worth of e-commerce without even having to get off their ever-expanding derrières in the first quarter of this year, according to comScore. That’s 12 per cent more than the corresponding period last year. This marks the eighteenth consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth, says comScore, “and

A new study by the e-tailing group reveals that social media and social networking groups deliver less than one per cent of web traffic to US retailers. This is despite heavy investment in the channels. One cautionary note: the study does not measure the impact of advertising on social media

While online-only operators are regularly touted as the future growth engine of the national retail sector, digital technology also has much to offer traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses. It’s interesting that some in the industry have come to regard physical storefronts as an earnings liability. With high rental payments and operational expenses,

Anyone who has been there will know this, but the data in Alibaba’s IPO documentation seems to confirm that the commercial impact of online transactions might be profound in China. Despite the astonishing pace of change since Deng Xiao Ping first braved the potential of market-based economics, China has nothing

Even as customer experience emerges as the Rosetta Stone of digital transformation, retail banks around the world are actually going backwards on this critical measure across all aspects of their business. And the problem is not simply investment levels. Rather, Gen Y is flexing its demographic muscle and upping the

Only three companies — Amazon, Apple and Wal-Mart — have been able to grow quickly at scale. But, as a new chart from Internet Retailer demonstrates, Amazon is playing a different game to everyone else. Both Apple and Wal-Mart have cause for celebration. Apple is now clearly number two, and

It was just a little time ago that Ian Narev, who heads Australia’s biggest bank, intimated that he was not too sure about the CBA business model in a digital world. Well might one sympathise with that view, hedged perhaps by the fact of bank CEO remuneration. Anyhow, Narev’s remarks

Most brands have not yet reached their mobile moment — the point where mobile revenue or traffic exceeds that on the desktop — and the risk of complacency remains high, according to a report by L2. Called “L2 Intelligence report, Mobile and Tablet, May 1, 2014,” the report suggests that