Digital technologies are proving to be a key differentiator between retail leaders and laggards in the US when it comes to driving shoppers in store — and motivating their behaviour once there. That’s one of the main findings from a recent research report by RSR Research which found differences between leaders

The retail banking industry today is undergoing change at levels not seen heretofore. There are two primary drivers of this change: demographics and technology. There are 83 million millennials — people born after 1980 who came of age around the millennium. This makes millennials the largest demographic today, at about

At the end of May, Apple slapped $US3 billion down on the barrel and bought the Beats Music streaming service, announcing at the time that it would run the business separate the the iTunes cash cow. Basically it was a hedge, and now the latest music download figures tell us

Aussie banks are set to lose up to a third of their revenues, as dotcom giants like Google, Paypal and Alibaba muscle their way into the payments markets and use their superior customer understanding to disintermediate the incumbents. Then they will go after the big prize: lending. Those are two

Banks in the Asia Pacific’s emerging markets risk being overwhelmed by the emergence of new insurgents or from increased competition by better-resourced and digitally advanced competitors from mature banking markets. That’s the key message Which-50 takes from a McKinsey & Company paper called “More Bank for your IT buck”. The

Kenshoo has rolled out full support for the Google Shopping platform, and will start migrating its clients this week. First launched in 2002 as Froogle — and relaunched in 2012 — Google Shopping allows consumers in about 23 countries (including Australia) to search for products on shopping web sites and compare

I mentioned Alibaba recently to the chairman of a large company. He had not heard of it, and showed no interest when I explained what it does — until I mentioned that it might shortly establish a new record for IPO value. He was very excited, though the point I

Creative crowdsourcing outfit Design Crowd has acquired Worth1000, a creative contest platform, in a move that will add an extra 600,000 users to its base. The companies are well suited for the merger, as Worth1000’s audience includes graphic designers, writers, photographers and illustrators — a similar profile to its new

Ecommerce giant Alibaba has purchased the outstanding shares in mobile browser maker UCWeb, in what it says is China’s biggest Internet merger. The company already owned about two thirds of the company from earlier transactions, starting back in 2009. In a statement translated by, Alibaba executives noted, “Today’s Alibaba

Within two years, tablets will have overtaken smartphones as the preferred online mobile banking platform, according to Forrester Research. The growth is stunning: from 19 million users last year to 118 million by 2018. Mobile phone banking users will more than double in that time, from 42 million to 99