Online sales will surge in coming weeks to double normal spending levels during online shopping peaks, and in turn this will help fuel a six per cent year-on-year increase in Australian e-commerce according to new research from Adobe. But there’s more at work than just the cycle, according to one

Thinking about sinking some cash into the Twitter IPO? A better bet if you are the kind of investor looking for fantastic returns over the long term (Microsoft style) would be to find the emerging ecommerce platforms and hope to pick a winner. As the chart from Statista below shows the three

Building multiple digital connections with grocery customers dramatically increases the share of spend a retailer can capture from customers, but even a single digital connection pays big dividends. This is a key finding from a survey by BrickmeetsClick of 22,000 shoppers across six brand retailers in the US. The report

Tablets will overtake smartphones as the preferred mobile platform for consumers with money to burn, according to Adobe’s latest research. In fact, it has already started — tablet users spend more money per purchase than smartphone users. The research, called “Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Study,” found that for users who

Tumblr’s audience is young, affluent, engaged — and different. It is also worth a billion dollars to Yahoo!, assuming the company can translate its community’s enthusiasm into commerce at scale. Much has been made of Tumblr’s relatively nascent advertising business and too much has probably been made of all that

Remember that whole GFC thing? – As if all those Zegna suited squillionaires in the finance sector didn’t have enough to worry about. Google’s recent decision (along with existing investor Foundation Capital) to invest $125 million into peer-to-peer lending outfit LendingClub  is further evidence that the ambitions of scivvy wearing

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