Creative crowdsourcing outfit Design Crowd has acquired Worth1000, a creative contest platform, in a move that will add an extra 600,000 users to its base. The companies are well suited for the merger, as Worth1000’s audience includes graphic designers, writers, photographers and illustrators — a similar profile to its new

Ecommerce giant Alibaba has purchased the outstanding shares in mobile browser maker UCWeb, in what it says is China’s biggest Internet merger. The company already owned about two thirds of the company from earlier transactions, starting back in 2009. In a statement translated by, Alibaba executives noted, “Today’s Alibaba

Within two years, tablets will have overtaken smartphones as the preferred online mobile banking platform, according to Forrester Research. The growth is stunning: from 19 million users last year to 118 million by 2018. Mobile phone banking users will more than double in that time, from 42 million to 99

If you were wondering what enormous strategic threat the Chinese administration is cooking up to unleash on the world, wonder no longer. It’s retail. Having mused previously in this space about the fertility of China’s virgin field of retail brands, we now have some interesting evidence. Guess who is China’s

Uber, the ride-sharing business disrupting the taxi Industry worldwide, has run into a bit of bother in Australia in recent months. The governments of both Victoria and NSW have been issuing infringement notices to drivers. The governments argue it’s about safety, though in reality it’s probably more about protecting their Taxi

We all know that the impact of digital transactions has been most profound in retail. And media. No doubt about it. Right? Wrong. The most profound impact is in manufacturing and wholesaling, which have far greater penetration than either retail or services. According to the US Census Bureau, manufacturing e-commerce

Australian online retailers continue to capture a growing share of the revenue pie, with Internet sales now accounting for 6.6 per cent of the national total, up from six per cent this time last year. Total online retail sales reached $A15.25 billion, according to the National Australia Bank. The NAB

Apple has confirmed that it will spend $US3 billion buying Beats — including the Beats Music streaming service — and it will run the business as a separate operation to iTunes. It confirmed the tech sector’s most recent ‘worst kept secret’ overnight. Co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young (aka Dr.

In an age of hyper-connected commerce, Australia’s retail industry urgently needs to consider the scale of its addressable market. At the same time it needs to eliminate superfluous links in supply chains, according to Paul Greenberg, executive chairman of the National Online Retailers Association. He made his remarks at the inaugural

Australia Post will accelerate its China push and, by extension, the entree of Australian brands into the market by offering an Alibaba shop front on Tmall — underpinned by a suite of free services such as translation and customer support, Which-50 has learned. An announcement is expected as early as