Data management outfit Cohesity today launched its Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution DataProtect in Australia and New Zealand, hosted on the AWS cloud.

Cohesity claims that DataProtect delivered as a service allows customers to protect multiple workloads, with the aims of simplifying data protection, accelerating  backup and recovery and unlocking value through data forensics capabilities.

Brad Newton, Managing Director, Cohesity ANZ

According to Brad Newton, Managing Director of Cohesity ANZ, “The availability of this offering coincides with rapid cloud adoption we are seeing in ANZ and the need to address data residency requirements head-on — a key priority for many customers in the region.”

The Cohesity Helios multi-cloud data platform provides businesses with a single user interface that works to reduce data fragmentation — an offering that Cohesity’s Vice President of Product Management, Matt Waxman, says is an example of “modern data management.”

Cohesity has also announced today the inclusion of Microsoft 365 support in its offering. The company claims that its third-party Backup solution extends beyond Microsoft 365’s default 30-day native backup offering.

ESG Research conducted an online survey of 381 IT professionals using cloud-based data protection services in the United States and Canada, and found that while 74 per cent rely only on the native Microsoft 365 services for backup, only 15 per cent could recover 100 per cent of their data.

According to Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst, ESG Research, “The native, default backup features provided by cloud vendors are typically not sufficient, especially given the increased threat to data security, data deletion risks, and rapidly evolving compliance requirements.”

DataProtect delivered as a service is the first solution in Cohesity’s Data Management as a Service (DMasS) suite, delivered to the Australian market. Dicker Data is acting as Cohesity’s ANZ distributor, with its reseller partners responsible for managing and collecting data generated by Australian companies.

Vlad Mitnovetski, Chief Operating Officer of Dicker Data

According to Vlad Mitnovetski, Chief Operating Officer of Dicker Data, “As that data continues to grow exponentially each year, we are committed to helping our partners find new technologies such as DMaaS, to not only manage that data, but also derive value from it quickly.”

Cohesity’s customers in ANZ include the AFL, Quantium, William Buck NSW, and PropTrack, while global brands include Siemens, Cisco, the US Army and NASA.

According to Kay Ekanayake, lead systems engineer at online property valuations company PropTrack, legacy systems were not able “to scale and keep pace” with their large data accumulation. 

“The Cohesity and AWS data management solution provides us with one unified platform to manage, secure and archive our data. With Cohesity and AWS, we’ve been able to significantly advance our data management capabilities and gain more value and insights from the data we have.”

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