Cheetah Digital today announced its first local data centre, allowing Australian users of its marketing software to store their consumer data onshore. Keeping data in Australia improves latency and security, according to the company which counts customers in several countries.

The martech business says consumers’ awareness and attitude towards data value, security and privacy are shifting after a series of data scandals. According to Cheetah, data privacy has become a “vital differentiator” like price, product and experience, and brands need to be able to offer their customers the peace of mind of local storage.

Companies ranging from global tech giants like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM to SaaS providers like LastPass and Tealium have all launched Australian data centres in recent years, citing customer demand for security and performance.

Bakers Delight is the first Cheetah customer to use the service. The bakery franchise uses Cheetah’s end-to-end marketing products to manage communications across 700 global bakeries.

“As a franchise business we have a large technology ecosystem, so it was crucial we found a partner that could integrate with a range of systems and deliver on our unique and complex requirements,” said Kristy Elsworth, Loyalty, CRM & Digital Marketing Manager, Bakers Delight.

“The data security and reduced latency that Cheetah Digital offered us with their market first Engagement Data Platform that resides in Australia was a defining factor in our decision-making.”

Cheetah argues marketing is in a state of “digital flux” as brands spurn third party data sets and cookie tracking in favour of honest, lasting relationships built on first party insights – and local storage goes to building that relationship.

“Although Cheetah Digital has a global footprint, we are excited to launch this dedicated data centre in Australia,” said Billy Loizou, Vice President Go-To-Market. 

“This data centre is a part of our on-going commitment to our valued Australian customers, and their customers. We are excited about having a local flagship brand like Bakers Delight lead the way.”

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