The emergence of cloud based digital services gave business managers the world over the ability to by pass their IT departments, a trend that spelled doom for Dr No. Unfortunately all those shiny new digital baubles need to shine in synch.

There’s no avoiding it any longer.

We have to to talk about IT. Frank Feather will lead the discussion. Such is the over riding theme of the digital chatterati in this week’s Chatter report.

Each week Which-50 and KINSHIP digital study the global social stream to identify most influential social chatter on digital disruption and transformation. This week there were just over 20,000 mentions of the terms we track — about half the regular level of activity and consistent with this time of the year.

The role of IT in digital transformation featured in many of tweets on the topic this week. The most popular of these was by CA Technologies (See below) which linked through to a company blog “Digital Transformation Why now is IT’s moment to shine”

Time to IT to return to the tab;e, says CA Technologies
Time to IT to return to the table, says CA Technologies

In the blog, author Otto Berkes writes, “Underscoring this shift, a new Harvard Business Review Analytics Services (HBRAS) study found that 53 per cent of organizations represented in the survey are investing in modern technology to develop digital products and services faster. In other words, they have turned their technology focus from keeping things chugging along to playing a lead role in defining what the business is and driving what it does.”

Frank Feather (who dominates this week’s Chatter report with six of the ten most popular digital transformation tweets in the world last week) also opted into topic linking via Scoopit to a Forbes article on the topic written by Maribel Lopez .

Called  Preparing For The Digital Transformation Tsunami the article offers four tips to help IT survive the digital transformation tsunami including;

  • Find a transformation goal and make it quantifiable.
  • Master your technology area, but learn the entire stack.
  • Be open to help from new strategic partners.
  • Instead of fail fast, pivot quickly

“The question is how do we harness the power of all of multiple waves of technology evolution that are happening simultaneously? This is where is life becomes difficult for IT leaders and CIOs,” says Lopez.

Feather also shared posts on Digital Transformation Requires a New Way of Thinking and Working which linked to a blog by which was actually an abridged version of George Westerman and Didier Bonnet’s “Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation

Feather also scored with “Why 84% of Companies Fail at Digital Transformation” (See below) Linking through to another Forbe’s piece, this time by Bruce Rogers.

Why 84 per cent of companies fail at Digital Transformation
Why 84 per cent of companies fail at Digital Transformation

Rogers interviews PulsePoint group partner Michael Gale, who says, “The underlying tonality is that you can do a strategy once, you can borrow the technology once. But if you can’t get the sum of the parts to be greater than the cost you’re going to fail and I think a large part of that 84 percent that fail it’s because they’re not prepared to change behavior. They think they can have strategy and technology and it just doesn’t get them there fast enough or in a good enough way.”

Finally Accenture also scored a mention for a tweet describing its recently announced relationship with SAP based on SAP’s HANA environment.

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The Chatter Report, by KINSHIP digital CEO Mike Green and Which-50’s Andrew Birmingham, is a collaborative program run under the auspices of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit. Membership fees apply.


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